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  1. Stellow

    Feature Reborn System | Reset level, increase power, set exclusive items, spells, houses, web and more!

    Add a column int 11 'rebirth' to your players table
  2. Stellow

    Tibia Client Editor

    How did you do that? Any chance of making it open source? Incredible! For which versions does it work with?
  3. Stellow

    The Violet Project - CipSoft Reverse Engineering Project

    Pretty nice! I also could not forgive myself to notice, how you are presenting true 7.7 features, with loot messages displaying all around. But amazing job!
  4. Stellow

    Nostalrius 7.7

    What changes did you do there? Because his distro is downgraded from high tibia version.. Many things needs to change to have a legit old school
  5. Stellow

    [Infrastructure and Automation] Private Tibia Server Consultancy

    Hello all! Introduction I would like to continue (with slight differences) the consulting service I have started in 2016 (Programmer - [Tibia, Websites, Mobile Apps, Marketing] Looking to take your project to a new standard...
  6. Stellow

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    good luck on your career
  7. Stellow

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    To use mutual exclusive sections, many parts of the code have to be changed. And mutual exclusive sections cannot be simply used without introducing possible side-effects. No code can ever be simple.
  8. Stellow

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    My love, if you do if (ptr) ptr->something() this can still throw in some cases, e.g. multi-threaded environment. Checking is not as trivial as it sounds. Analyzing the call-stack, in the reported bug, a check is done one line before the code has a memory violation. Don't be writing arrogant...
  9. Stellow

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    We got a hint, that occurs when using small stones. Removing the feature that small stones fall in the ground, seems to "fix".
  10. Stellow

    Wana make a 7.4 or 7.6 OT, Help

    Omg. Have you open at least one or two links in this forum?
  11. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Thank you for your feedback. I rented a t3.medium in Sao Paulo for the game server instance. t3 because of the unlimited network bandwidth, and their special network driver to reduce network virtualization overhead. Medium because of the 4GB of RAM, the server peaked at around 3GB. The...
  12. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Thank you! CI/CD really saves a lot of time on rolling up/down features. Transferring files to the hosting... compiling... changing versions... all this boring stuff should be gone.
  13. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Hello guys, I have recently posted an article on my experiences hosting a TFS 1.2 on AWS. It does not go into much detail, with respect to the knowledge that you have on custom Tibia servers, however, it is a nice starting point. I am happy to share my experiences with you, and welcome any...
  14. Stellow

    Segmentation Fault on TFS 1.2

    Using TFS 1.2 (Nostalrius), a segmentation fault can occur on the market line: Player::~Player() { for (Item* item : inventory) { if (item) { item->setParent(nullptr); <-- HERE! item->decrementReferenceCounter(); } } What I don't understand, is...
  15. Stellow

    [Brazil][7.4] Patela Server - 15ms ping for Brazilian Players!

    Today's updates (Tuesday, 31-03-2021): 30 items added in Cigano. Now you can sell a lot more stuff! Including more noob items, such as plate set, amulets, rings, etc. NPC Jardim added in Carlin, right in the first house in front of the DP. He will buy items, similar to the Gypsy. Most frequent...
  16. Stellow

    [Brazil][7.4] Patela Server - 15ms ping for Brazilian Players!

    Changes to the last server save (Saturday, 27-03-2021): fixed rollbacks that were occurring on some characters Added more items for sale in Cigano (NPC in Thais' DP), such as Steel Boots, Gold Ring, Scarab Shield, and more ... Exura Tuned Sio Ban time (PK) decreased from 7 to 1 day Red Skull...
  17. Stellow

    TFS 1.X+ my TFS 8.6 crashes multiple times/day in function Player::~Player

    1.2 Nostalrius I don't understand how we have a problem there. We check for item, then it complains about memory. Using original sources. Not sure how to replicate. You do have any idea?
  18. Stellow

    [Bug Report] Item destructor

    Happened here too, but not sure what triggers it. Anyone has a hint on this topic? Bump
  19. Stellow

    TFS 1.X+ my TFS 8.6 crashes multiple times/day in function Player::~Player

    Bump, having the same problem here. Have anyone seem this error before?
  20. Stellow

    Mapper Looking for a mapper to expand our 7.4 server with hunts from newer Tibia versions

    Basically we are looking for a mapper who can expand our current 7.4 Global Map. What we need for example: The Dragon's expansion from Ankrahmun The Darashia's North cave of Dragon (close to the Mino respawn) DL's POI Banuta all the floors etc. We use Nostalrius as a base. So need to keep in...