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  1. unknownuser

    Spells Versus Walls

    Agree with @Gesior.pl. It worked for me.
  2. unknownuser

    Ubuntu 18.04 compile error.

    Did you install libfmt-dev?
  3. unknownuser

    No vocation server 10.98

    Thank you guys for your opinions! Appreciate this! Let me add some details how I can see this. One vocation which will have 10hp/10mp per level Can use all weapons/equipment Can train all skills melee/dist/mlv DMG mostly based on specified skill Can decide who you want to be on specified...
  4. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    Did you check thing from 1st post on this thread?
  5. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    It's working! Thanks! BTW. Do you know maybe why if I have item list enabled then my scroll up/down is not working for this list?
  6. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    Any idea about RME? When I go to RAW>Others then RME just stuck. Is it issue with huge amount of items?
  7. unknownuser

    No vocation server 10.98

    Any other opinions?
  8. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    Edit later: @Gesior.pl helped me and I was able to run 10.98 with items 12.80+ on TFS 1.4. Msg me if you need any help!
  9. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    Is it possible to use this with TFS 1.4.1? Is a lot of changes needed? When I used TFS "1.5" it's saying that it's for client 12+ when I tried to connect with 10.98 OTC. When I changed definions.h to 10.98 I have below in OTC: When I changed OTC to 12.81. Classic client is also asking for 12.81.
  10. unknownuser


    @s1mple can you explain why project like this die after few days? I cannot understand this. I'm huge fan of karmia/devland map but when I can see that projects like this die after few days I'm not motivated.
  11. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    What is this engine? Is it stable? It's not 1.4?
  12. unknownuser

    Downgraded 12.x assets to .dat/.spr format

    How about items.otb?
  13. unknownuser

    No vocation server 10.98

    Hi Otlanders, I will start with Merry Christmas! I was thinking with my friend about project no vocation. A lot of people complain about balances and all the time talking about that other vocation is better. I was thinking to create small project and build it from zero. Tibia would be...
  14. unknownuser

    RME 3.7 - scroll issue

    Hi, do you know what can cause below issue? I'm using RME 3.7 but I also tied old ones. I cannot use scroll on list of the items on the left. Scroll is working fine when I try to zoom in/out map. Sometime is working fine and the beggining but then it's not working again. I used the same RME on...
  15. unknownuser

    [Poland] [8.0] Evo-OTS Good Memories

    Hello dear players, we spend 2-3 days on preparing items and we did this! We created museum for you where you can check all items which will wait for you in game! We did around 120 custom items. Lets check them and wait for updates! We can focus on quests, monsters, bosses now! Our focus is...
  16. unknownuser

    [12.XX] Karmia Development - 2022

    I love Karmia map. Here was a lot of tries with this on higher version but no success. I hope it will be ok and I will join.
  17. unknownuser

    Lua Talkaction - doPlayerCastSpell

    Is it 0.4 engine?
  18. unknownuser

    evo-ots.pl SPOOF 100%

    I think so bro because I known you from other side that you are guy with "brain". So I was right that you are just joking! :) Bro I did this server to make a fun for people not to be the best ots owner. I'm doing this server with players like 10-13 years ago. This servers is not completed but...
  19. unknownuser

    Qest Room Evo 2021r

    It's really nice detailed like for 8.6 options. You can just remove this fireplace from tp room :)
  20. unknownuser

    evo-ots.pl SPOOF 100%

    @slaw can you explain what is spoof in your understanding? Please see below, read and try understand before you blame someone. If you have problems I can help with this :) Here can be count 4 characters from one IP. I cannot understand why people want to destroy all and just blame. Here are...