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  1. Nerglexo

    Team Mapper/Co-Developer

    @Apollos I'm interested in helping you out if you still need, I'll send you a private message.
  2. Nerglexo

    Hoster [Eagle Eye] NextGen Gaming: Hosting Service

    Sure, but if you check around on a dedicated server, the prices will be around 50-100 EUR and VPN cost around 10-15 EUR but if you looking for real security, go read about Kodachi, can't get much safer than that. The prices can always be discussed and changed from my point of view.
  3. Nerglexo

    Hoster [Eagle Eye] NextGen Gaming: Hosting Service

    HOSTING SERVICE Eagle Eye: The Secure OS I'm here to offer an opportunity for players who might not know anything about hosting from dedicated servers or have any knowledge what so ever about OpenTibia Hosting. I've been hosting, mapping, scripting tons of different servers during my years, as...
  4. Nerglexo

    Qest Room Evo 2021r

    Hey! This is actually a cool idea, I like your style. Maybe make your own thread and post in there instead of having to do new posts for one picture? Just an idea! Good job!
  5. Nerglexo

    Evo Map NPC

    Looks great. Remember, uncheck the "show specials, spawns" etc before taking a picture, makes it look much better. Otherwise, great work! Keeep the pictures coming.
  6. Nerglexo

    Mapper [10.98+] NextGen Gaming presents: Free Mapping Service

    How big the Owner/Lead Developer wishes it to be, bro. I'm doing this for pure fun and to have something to keep my mind going. So, it's free and I can be with your team as long as you wish.
  7. Nerglexo

    Mapper [10.98+] NextGen Gaming presents: Free Mapping Service

    "We're the Next Generation of Gaming and since the founder Nerglexo is currently into OpenTibia then we don't need to say no more. NextGen Gaming is a group of Swedish friends who play multiple games, usually not even the same one but we've a experienced OpenTibia player, Nerglexo as a...
  8. Nerglexo

    Fake PK video

    The real PvP ways.
  9. Nerglexo

    #ImaGistaa Mapp.

    Actually a good work, I like lots of the pieces you've done here. Keep going and you will be awesome mapper.
  10. Nerglexo

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    The Ancient Temple
  11. Nerglexo

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    It is, I made the scratch of this world (depot and few houses but then gave it away long time ago but just started working on it again!
  12. Nerglexo

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    Entrance of one of the Depots. (More to come).
  13. Nerglexo

    Unofficial Discord Server '21

    I joined the server! Talk to you there.
  14. Nerglexo

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    Holy! This is one damn sexy looking city, great work!
  15. Nerglexo

    TFS 1.X+ Help with script show quests completed

    @snuckles Whenever you use setStorageValue on some storage to change it to a non-default value (so, not -1), the server checks if that storage is used in some quest configuration in quests.xml for a quest. If yes, it sends the "quest log updated" message. Check this function in the sources for...
  16. Nerglexo

    Thanatos - Discussion Thread

    Awesome to hear that! Great work.
  17. Nerglexo

    Thanatos - Discussion Thread

    @GhostX @HalfAway We all understand that OpenTibia is dying more and more, Tibia as well.... Will this be a project to wait for or have you guys put it on hold? 10 months since we heard from you all. I hope you all good and such!
  18. Nerglexo

    This happend to anyone else?

    Ha-ha, indeed. Where I'm from, it's enough to wave them off with your hand and they pretty much almost die because of that. He must've have some big ass flies at his house.