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  1. assassinho

    Close this thread

    After months of no fixes this hoster don't deserve to get a free proper advertisement. Ot seems dead. Admin close the thread please
  2. assassinho

    7.1 ot server, located: unknown.

    so i just found this weird server i don't know much about it but all i know it isn't advertised and maby it is fun to war on (NOT SURE) because the mana regain is 50/1sec or something. you start with 3cc. haven't found any debugs or other bugs. you cannot travel with boat but as i seen the map...
  3. assassinho

    Gaming [originaltibia] life thread <warbarbie>

    hiho there i have decided to make a lifethread aswell about me on originaltibia.com im a lvl 48 master sorcerer named warbarbie, it is a 7.4 rl map (lowrate server 7x exp) with a player record of 110 players and its a good community to war and to pg in :thumbup: i will post my advancing...
  4. assassinho

    good ot

    YouTube - Toldera pk ip: toldera.no-ip.org the real oldschool server open for long time. client 7.72 im pking on the video on a low lvl char. hope you like it;)
  5. assassinho

    Gaming toldera pk movie

    YouTube - Toldera pk it is on my low lvl account but i was tired on my main, its bad editted and not so good quility becuase of hypercam but i hope you still enjoy it.
  6. assassinho

    real76.no-ip.org 7.6 rl map. [swedish]

    hello i just make reclam for this ot because it seems to me a good server. its a 7.6 rl map. it had exp stages, Exp stage! 8-50 90x 50-70 60x 70-80 30x 81-90 20x 91-100 10x 101-130 5x 131-999 3x loot rate 3x. some quests: Banshe quest Demon helmet Annihlator...
  7. assassinho

    [The Netherlands] 8.5 nederland.no-ip.org

    Here it is, a 100% custom map, alot of new hunt spots, NO donations!! this server is for people all over the world, the gms can talk english good aswell so they can help everyone. a good mapped map as you can see. alot of hunt spots for high lvls and ofcourse hunt...
  8. assassinho

    any know..

    if you can have tibia 8.42 and tibia 7.6 on your pc at same time? i know you can download tibia 7.6 in a different map, but i did it once and then i lost 8.42:huh:
  9. assassinho


    why make again a 8.42 server... and pvp-e and those exp stage again.. its just all the same here never big changes... just make it oldschool ore low stages ore something:mad: i dont play this. i don't want to flame onli (it do look like it yes) just advice for oldschool maby;)?
  10. assassinho


    as the title say im retired this means that i won't be alot online any more and i want to go back to oldschool like the ot server realots, now what i want is that i trade some cash of me on softcores for cash on realots or maby you got a nice account for sale i dont know, but tell me if you...
  11. assassinho


    so i downloaded tibia 7.6 on my other computer just to play some 7.6 servers because its oldschool :blink: but when i checked some servers i saw zero good servers:confused: so any know a good server? gimme the ip and ill check it:thumbup: (you can pm me it either)
  12. assassinho


    If i use exura gran. i get numbers like +1023 what does it means?
  13. assassinho

    pk movie

    Here is my first pk movie on my noob characters but its pretty good and fun to see, im not one of the best editors but i did my best i hope you enjoy it. YouTube - tibia softcores pk Ps: i post it here because no1 aint looking anymore at the board movies because every one thing no1 makes...
  14. assassinho

    Finally my first pk movie

    here it is: my first pk movie on noob characters. Im not one of the best editors but i tried my best and i hope you will enjoy, all the clips are random pk, sometimes we killed people who i hated.:wub: YouTube - tibia softcores pk here is finaly my open battle movie on assassinho, when i...
  15. assassinho


    hey i got 71 reputation points now, but when i get reputation ++? how many points i will need then:thumbup:
  16. assassinho

    youtube uploading

    try again fould softcores pk_0001.rar. uploading has failed: there is a unknown problem. any1 help me? if i download my pk movie i get this at youtube.? some had this before? that you uploading and then it just stops because there is something fould?
  17. assassinho

    I Was Wondering?

    I were just walking around then i saw feloth saing: Healing but is legal as long you ain't afk. so this means you just can use healing bot, i think this is a bit unfair for the boys who play the game whit out bots. Any ways i have never seen an ot whit this sice saing healing bot is legal...
  18. assassinho

    the server

  19. assassinho


    i buy - 19 white poc- 33 yellow poc- 43 green poc12 blue poc. leave a msg here and i will msg you back and we make a deal:thumbup:
  20. assassinho

    sell ferumbras hat plox?

    22:36 You see ferumbras' hat (Arm:1). It weighs 8.50 oz. It is the proof that Ferumbras has fallen. For now. The Edron Academy should be interested in this. START THE OFFERS:d? or if you don't want it don't post an offer^_^ please dont post fake offers.. Ps: i got this beautifal...