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  1. popoverde

    Anyone has Tibia 5.0 sprites or even 4.0

    Can someone upload them, i know there was a project named stonenghe that had those sprites on. I dont have access to my computer, so cant download a big rar. Well thanks
  2. popoverde

    Summon goes wild after player logout/death

  3. popoverde

    Firewall & hosting

    For a small hosting project what firewall do you guys recommend? Would win7 firewall be enough? (I know software firewalls dont stop ddos) Thanks
  4. popoverde

    Nicaw and Avesta CANT LOG IN

    I can create and make new chars, but cant log in game it says Please enter a valid acount number and password, Can someone help me? Thanks i think i have to change something in my phpadmin structure i just dontk now what to change
  5. popoverde

    Solved Starving script, Possible?

    The Forgotten Server - Version 0.3 (Crying Damson). Example: If a player dont eat in X time he start losing HP . Thanks.
  6. popoverde

    Dead Body Problem

    Hello im turning rookgaard into pvp zone, already removed every non-pvp flag and put pvp-zone ones but players dont leave a body after they get killed, they get insta ported to clipford temple, What else i have to change? thanks! cool forum
  7. popoverde

    Removing Non-PvP Flags

    Im new to remere editor and i cant find an option to remove previous flag zones and put new ones. Thanks
  8. popoverde

    HOW Turn Rookgaard into pvp zone?

    Anyone? im using TFS Version 0.3 (Crying Damson). and tibia 7.6
  9. popoverde

    Jopirop's Account Manager Problem

    Hello im new to Ot stuff, i have jopirops 6.0 server, im trying to make a new account but i cant.... AccountManager.ManagerName = "1"; AccountManager.ManagerPassword = null; AccountManager manager = new AccountManager(); AccountManager.ChatDelegate[] chatDelegates = new...