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  1. Saphron

    Medivia major update - Sheol

    We are about to release a massive game update - Sheol, perhaps this video will interest you as it shows the most interesting aspects of the upcoming land of demons. There will be many new battle mechanics never seen before, tons of end-game bosses, and quests to solve. The last two years were...
  2. Saphron

    Medivia - discussion and announcement of a new world Unity

    Medivia (https://medivia.online) Please note this thread will be regarding discussion about Medivia in general and not only about a specific world. We will try as much as we can to answer any questions regarding the game itself. A short description about the game - Medivia Online is a game...
  3. Saphron

    Digital art by Saphron

  4. Saphron

    Team Looking for a scripter for DBHeritage.

    Dragon Ball Heritage Low Rate RPG Custom <----------> Greetings, since my project is almost finished (map, client) Id like to find another scripter for this piece of work which I was doing for almost 4 years now alone. What he need is: LUA and C++ knowledge English language speaker You can...
  5. Saphron

    Graphic Designer I can create sprites to your project.

    Hello I am Saphron, and I have been a pixel-artist for ~7+/- years, I am creating sprites such as monsters, outfits,items, environment. I can create anything you want. The cost per sprite becomes higher if that what I have to create is complex and hard to make. But I believe if you will contact...
  6. Saphron

    Dragon Ball: Heritage - Looking for a scripter

    Greetings, lately I lost almost everything connected to SCRIPTS so im in a pretty bad position because I had almost everything finished to my pretty popular server Dragon Ball Heritage, we already have the most beautiful sprites ever created , I am the artist, scriptwriter, but I am in a bad...
  7. Saphron

    Sprites by Saphron

    Greetings! Here ill be posting some of my finest pixel-art works. Have fun watching them ;) Enviroment: Monsters and outfits: All rights reserved.
  8. Saphron

    Dragon Ball Heritage - map -

    Dragon Ball Heritage: map teaser - YouTube What do you think guys ^__^?
  9. Saphron

    [Poland]Dragon Ball Heritage[Custom]

  10. Saphron

    Dragon ball HERITAGE

  11. Saphron

    Legend of zelda Oracle of Seasons

    Well i deleted all files of this project (sys reinstal)
  12. Saphron

    Something :Z

  13. Saphron

    Something :Z