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  1. Adorius Black

    Solved Gesior - href not working

    Hi I have just little problem, but it bother my head. Problem is that when I click on name in guild href link doesnt work. I was trying to fix it with some combinations of " ' but without success. Anybody know where I am making misstake? Here is part of code: LINE 15 HTML preview...
  2. Adorius Black

    BlackFun OT [BETA TEST]

    Blessing system: You can find over the world NPCs that selling parts of blessing like in Real Tibia. Unique Weapons with interesting effects: Volcano depot:
  3. Adorius Black

    Windows Rme houses problem

    I have same problem on 10.98 but I fix it like this. If I have this bug I am going to make another things, like map, scripts, webpage and then after one week of work I go back to edit house and it’s fixed 😅. But I think you need just close, open, close, open RME until it load house correctly. 😁✌🏼
  4. Adorius Black

    BlackFun OT [BETA TEST]

    vocations little bit more about server. quests Blackfun is using these clients: In BlackFun[BETA] everybody start with FREE PACC What you will need for register your account? Register BlackFun OTS is online since 1.1.2022 in Next update:
  5. Adorius Black

    [Rogue Weapon] Plague Dagger [TFS 1.4]

    Plague Dagger Hi. I would like share with you this special dagger. It deal DMG + there is 7% chance for PLAGUE EFFECT. PLAGUE EFFECT means that target get poison -20hp every 4 seconds 5 times and area damage with 50% bigger dmg than normal. This weapon also give you back mana points with every...
  6. Adorius Black

    [11] Volcano City (old tibiafun city map)

    Hi. Just open new blank map for version you use. Select in your RME menu File>Import>Import Map
  7. Adorius Black

    sword & axe Distance Effect

    local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_WHIRLWINDSWORD) setCombatFormula(combat, COMBAT_FORMULA_SKILL , 0, 0, 1, 0) function onUseWeapon(cid, var) return doCombat(cid...
  8. Adorius Black

    Spell [TFS 1.X] Magic Missile

    Anybody Can help me with damage? It deal 0 damage. I was trying to solve it but i really dont know
  9. Adorius Black

    Spell [TFS 1.x+] Omicron

    I dont know if I understand good but I have no problem when i write with my GM char /reload spells . its working without crash TFS 1.4
  10. Adorius Black

    Spell 3 Necromancer Spells [TFS 1.4]

    1.) Cyber Combo (Formula: Exori Con) <!-- 40 level--> <instant group="attack" spellid="122" name="Cyber Combo" words="exori cyber con" lvl="40" mana="20" prem="1" range="7" needtarget="1" needlearn="0" blockwalls="1" exhaustion="2000" groupcooldown="2000" script="custom/cyber_combo.lua">...
  11. Adorius Black

    BlackFun OT [BETA TEST]

    Summer Update is Here if you are interested, visit blackfun homepage.
  12. Adorius Black

    [8.6] Alkurius Infinity WAR (Beta).. TFS 1.3

    Great Distribution. Many amazing scripts. Thank you
  13. Adorius Black

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Alkurius Global & Coustom

    i am just asking. Nobody discriminate...
  14. Adorius Black

    Linux more than 1 ip in config.lua?

    I don’t know if it help you but you need put your global IP in config. If It’s not working problem can be that you have dynamic IP. In this case you need talk with your ISP to give you static IP. But I am not sure if it’s your problem
  15. Adorius Black

    Lua Talkaction !stopexp [TFS 1.4]

    Hi. I just imagine if its possible to create talkaction for stop gaining exp like in World of Warcraft twink. For example I exp to 18 level and after I write !stopexp and i will gain in future 0 exp from every monster and player(pvp enfo) I killed.
  16. Adorius Black

    JavaScript / CSS - Menu System

    Are you searching for something like this? https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/tryit.asp?filename=tryw3css_sidebar_left_right&stacked=h
  17. Adorius Black

    [8.6] [TFS1.3] Alkurius Global & Coustom

    hiho. I have one question. Where you found these rune backpacks and runes sprite? is it open source?
  18. Adorius Black

    [Mod] Sound System

    I did it, but it’s still not enough because for example you have music1 1 minute long and music2 also. When you walk from zone1 to zone2 in middle of song it will turn off music1 immediately and then start music2 with my faded effect at start. The thing is that I want fade away music1 when I...