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  1. fla5h

    Solved Can someone help me make my own client?

    VAPus is actually back. they're currently reworking the custom client maker
  2. fla5h

    OtLand New Support Team Members!

    Congratulations! :)
  3. fla5h

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas OTland!
  4. fla5h

    Happy Birthday - Mark

    Happy birthday
  5. fla5h

    [8.60] Small GM island

    Small GM island :) MediaFire mirror: GM Island.rar
  6. fla5h

    Omegaservers - The new Open Tibia Servers list

    Nice and clean looks good
  7. fla5h

    [SWEDEN] SuperPanda OTS [8.6] [Crazy EXP]

    GL Amiroslo
  8. fla5h

    Gaming Equipment

    Mouses: Razer naga 2014, steelseries sensei and steelseries rival Headset: Razer kraken chroma 7.1 Keyboard: Steelseries apex gaming keyboard Mousepad: 2 Razer mousepads
  9. fla5h

    RIP Tibia

  10. fla5h

    Senoria Maps

    Bad remake of my TP room you got there :(
  11. fla5h

    I am looking for a Rookgaard 8.60 map.

    No problems.
  12. fla5h

    I am looking for a Rookgaard 8.60 map.

    Here you go :) https://www.mediafire.com/?cmzltiietok1n7u
  13. fla5h

    The End of ShadowCores (?) It worth reading, thank you

    And you Polakoz coming to sweden aswell to earn some good money!
  14. fla5h

    Guys My Birthday Is Today

    Happy Birthday :)
  15. fla5h

    många aktiva svenskar kvar här?

  16. fla5h

    Weto Showoff

    Good job Weto :)
  17. fla5h

    Final solution for shadowcores. NEW UNIQUE IDEA!!!

    I've been reading almost every tread about new solutions for Shadowcores & Lunarforce, And i've must say, This is the best solution so far. .. There is nothing wrong with shadowcores, let it be and pay attension on lunarforce. It would be a great "Mini world change" for lunarforce