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  1. taif

    Graphic Designer The top tier spriter you're looking for!

    Beautiful, I will need you soon for a huge project of mine. xxx
  2. taif

    LF> Partners

    Hi, I've come back from retirement and been thinking alot and finally came up with something. I will set up a team of 3, there will be no payments from me directly but it will be a donation (VIP) section. So in the future there will be payments but from Paypal (players). (Moneywise, more...
  3. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    How do I edit the sources?
  4. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    What do you mean? Add the " <attribute key="weight" value="200"/> <attribute key="attack" value="30"/> <attribute key="attackSpeed" value="1" /> That simple huh?
  5. taif

    Staff required TFS 0.3.6

    Started my server yesterday (0.3.6 TFS). Its beta, its going well (30 players first day) we are updating while the server is on. Soon I will release the official server but before I do that I need scripter that does more than Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v. When we reach 100 players, it will be dedicated in...
  6. taif


    Why Do You Talk Like This?
  7. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    Is this tested? Because I do not have a server to test it on.
  8. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    Mate, how do i change it via sources? Fast attack might lag server?
  9. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    Does not work mate.
  10. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    <vocation id="0" name="None" description="none" needpremium="0" gaincap="5" gainhp="5" gainmana="5" gainhpticks="6" gainhpamount="1" gainmanaticks="6" gainmanaamount="1" manamultiplier="4.0" attackspeed="2000" soulmax="100" gainsoulticks="120" fromvoc="0" attackable="no"> <formula...
  11. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    I told you. Changing it from Vocation.xml did not help.
  12. taif

    Fast Attack 0.3.6 TFS

    I did change the "attackspeed="400"" But it does still not work. I believe i read something about compiling the source?
  13. taif

    Compiling Adding a new attribute to items.xml

     What he meant was --> Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner and choose the Control Panel from the pop-up menu. When the Control Panel appears, choose Uninstall a Program from the Programs category. The Uninstall or Change a Program window appears, listing your currently...
  14. taif

    TP ROOM by vestia

    This is great, i use this on my server right now.
  15. taif

    Serious Items.xml error

    There is nothing wrong with my items.xml I fixed the issue by starting .exe 32 bits
  16. taif

    Serious Items.xml error

    One restart after some playing with phpmyadmin and this came up. Cannot find any errors similar to this.
  17. taif

    Outfitter 8.60 - showing outfits on website

    Does this work for Znote AAC?
  18. taif

    Blessings does not work.

    First when buying bless "!bless! and dieing you downgraded to level 1. After that bug i fixed it and now blessing just dont work. What can be the issue?
  19. taif

    Blessing Bug - downgraded to level 1

    I had the same problem, then i removed the "word lessloss="30" and it worked. How the bug is there? I have NO IDEA. Anyway, that problem is solved but you still lose exp when you die, maybe not level 1 but you lose exp.