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    Looking for small team

    Greetings. I have a 1500*1500 custom map on the works and small team to work in ot before and after opening. I plan to host it in a dedicated Server. With a real tibia map + custom map. The team should consist of people who know to how map or program, script or anything that could help us...
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    Windows Trying to open my own ot.

    Hi. I am trying to open my tibia ot. Im having problems. Since it is my first time trying to make an ot accessible from a other computer. I build my own gaming computer just for the ot. I have a windows 10 (i know linux better its not an issue for me) My problems are mainly about port...
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    Help in opening Ot Server 10.98

    I have decided to keep editing my map from 8.6 and i passed it to 10.98 everything worked fine. I have it locally online via Xaamp etc. and just trying it out locally myself. Is a Real tibia 10.98 Map with A whole custom map integrated into it. but it was a TFS 0.4 which is hardcoded in XML...
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    Lua Greetings, help with one and only script

    Hi. I was looking for some help. Just this once. I am learning to script little by little. Doing small and easy stuff first. But i have this idea which is a little too advance for my knowledge in script. I wish to do a script for weapons/armors That have a %chance when looted to have - "+5"...