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    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    You’re being such a prude bro you have your own opinions you rage quit and told people to go die in a ditch, you were kicked for toxicity just move on and allow others to play for themselves man. If they don’t like it they’ll move on :) peace and loveeee
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    Looking for a server that suits me

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    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    This guy be crayyyyyyyyy. Come join us in Discord and be with our community!
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    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    Okay so you prefer to play fully custom stuff that’s cool don’t think you need to shit on other peoples stuff though? Cool cool!
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    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    I’m so sorry 🥺🥺🥺 I tried but couldn’t figure out how to find a web URL that would let me link pictures..
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    [USA] [12.6] [TRASHFORMERS!!!] [REAL-MAP]

    GRAND OPENING!!! SERVER OPENS 9PM CST MARCH 12TH! Download Client at our site! Latest News - Trashformers (http://trashformers.hopto.org/) Discord!!! Join the Trashformers Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/XaJPnVES) Map full real map! Soulwars, Library, Flimsy Lost Souls!!! Custom...
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    Custom City Houses Won’t work

    12.6 client; when server save happens or a reset the custom houses get wiped to nobody owning them and the door says “you see an open door, this house belongs to house” and you have to re buy the house every save
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    Why is custom item not adding skill or imbue leech %

    I am trying to add a custom item, it attacks and the script to do AOE with a sword works for holy dmg, except it is not adding the +sword skill and the imbuements are not working on it to add the life leech etc. here is the xml for the item, movement and weapon.
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    Scripter for LUA/XML

    I can not for the life of me figure out how to add custom creatures to the charms. Is anyone able to help me figure this out? will pay! my discord is cody#2488 for fastest reply!