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  1. strutZ

    TFS 1.X+ VipSystem I want to use it for a single character, not for the whole account

    What do you want me to be able to do with the VIP system? is it just for zones? extra exp? probably be easier to just set a storage value on the player.
  2. strutZ

    Terraria. The most time wasting game ever!

    Try "Core Keeper" Its Terraria, Stardew Valley and Valheim in one.
  3. strutZ

    12.85 + MehahOTC + Myaac

    Yeah I had looked through that but the resolution there was "use Znote" which i didnt want to. For anyone interested the issue is the plugin made for myaac is based on OTBR and there is multiple scheme differences hence the issues.
  4. strutZ

    12.85 + MehahOTC + Myaac

    Hi, Trying to get the latest tfs (fresh compile) to work with mehah OTC I have myaac setup with the login.php plugin - [MyAAC][Plugin] login.php for Tibia 12 (https://otland.net/threads/myaac-plugin-login-php-for-tibia-12.265123/) Connecting to my local IP on port 80 When i try to login I just...
  5. strutZ

    VIP System [The Forgotten Server 1.0]

    Make a new post in support and tell me what version you are using and I will help.
  6. strutZ

    ElectroAAC v0.0.1

    Its projects like this that make me want to make another server. Well done mate. I'll test it out when I have some time.
  7. strutZ

    User you miss from Otland

    @strutZ :'(
  8. strutZ

    [7.4] TFS 1.2

    https://github.com/fschuindt/theforgottenserver-7.4/blob/master/config.lua#L59 Confirm this is set correctly
  9. strutZ

    NPC Storage checker NPC "Removedemon"

    This is a nice contribution good stuff. Hope you learned a heap along the way to create some more :) Another great way to do this is to use Zbizu's Lua script channel. https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-luascript-channel.229170/ Havn't tested it on latest TFS but imagine it would still work.
  10. strutZ

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.1] Skill Points, modalwindow

    He probably installed the script after he was already x level
  11. strutZ

    RME - Mapping Question

  12. strutZ

    RME - Mapping Question

    was playing with 7.6 but think i'm leaning more towards 8.6 if you have a map.
  13. strutZ

    RME - Mapping Question

    So this works... however I requires me to add the sand behind it... When i add that sand it overwrites that sprite and i cant see a browse field or anything to help me move the border to the top zzzzz
  14. strutZ

    RME - Mapping Question

    Hi. Recently trying my hand at some mapping. I have loaded a map and come accross a couple of sections like this were the borders are wrong. Question is, is there an easy way to fix these? or do I have to manually select each brush? Here is a section I have manually fixed. Thanks in Advance :)
  15. strutZ

    [TFS 1.4] Lua Monster Loot

    Containers start at 0... fml local ec = EventCallback ec.onDropLoot = function(self, corpse) if configManager.getNumber(configKeys.RATE_LOOT) == 0 then return end local player = Player(corpse:getCorpseOwner()) local mType = self:getType() if not player or...
  16. strutZ

    [TFS 1.4] Lua Monster Loot

    Scratching my head at this for a bit... I want to be able to see the items that have been added to the corpse. Here is my current script local ec = EventCallback ec.onDropLoot = function(self, corpse) if configManager.getNumber(configKeys.RATE_LOOT) == 0 then return end...
  17. strutZ

    [TFS 1.4] Revscript onDeath

    Oh well that explains it... Is there an easy way to just apply it to every monster?
  18. strutZ

    [TFS 1.4] Revscript onDeath

    Hello Otland! I created this example script. The script is loaded. Why does it not print here when i kill something? What am i forgetting? i'm a bit rusty... local creatureevent = CreatureEvent("example") function creatureevent.onDeath(creature, corpse, killer, mostDamageKiller...
  19. strutZ

    Level on scarlett

    local info = { bossName = "Scarlett Etzel", middle = Position(33395, 32662, 6), fromPos = Position(33385, 32638, 6), toPos = Position(33406, 32660, 6), exitPos = Position(33395, 32670, 6), timer = Storage.GraveDanger.CobraBastion.ScarlettTimer, armorId = 36317...
  20. strutZ

    Hati AAC

    Looks great man. Keeping things clean and simple is definitely the way to go. I try so hard to get into webapps but i have no idea what language i want to learn to build something in lol java, php, python.... too many options