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  1. fla5h

    [8.60] Small GM island

    Small GM island :) MediaFire mirror: GM Island.rar
  2. fla5h

    Gott nytt år & Skål för Bajen !

  3. fla5h

    Mc + blocking of Spawns

    Bann or what?
  4. fla5h

    Kick/Downtime, or what is this all about.

    The server didnt crash? it was restart or smth?
  5. fla5h

    397 players online. (It goes slowly down)

    Perhaps its time to add that new update or content right now?
  6. fla5h

    Cave (8.60)

    Download Link: (Download) Screenshot!
  7. fla5h

    New Ipchanger - 10.21

    I've tried to connect now after this update but it seems to be wrong ipchanger.. Would you like to update the Ipchanger?
  8. fla5h

    Onther Warmap [ Two warzones in one map]

    Another Warmap [ Two warzones in one map] By Fla5h (dead screenshots removed)
  9. fla5h

    [Fla5h] War Island

    War Island
  10. fla5h

    Swamp Cave (everyting done with autoborder) Step by step

    Step 1 (Walls/Ground) Step 2 (Variation) Step 3 (Borders) Step 4 (Details/Nature) you're basically done! Simple and clean, you also saved alot of time.. 5 minutes work Thanx everone! First mapping tutorial by Fla5h
  11. fla5h

    FLA5H Mapping Thread

    Welcome to Fla5H Mapping Thread Some mapping
  12. fla5h

    Tested something new [Depot]

  13. fla5h

    [Script]Max Mana and max hp***

    I need a script so the items will have max mana and max hp!
  14. fla5h

    Team [8.60] Real map Looking for* HOSTER*

    [8.60] Real map Needs a serious hoster - Things About The Server - Client: 8.60 Quests: 100% Working Spawns: All spawns working! Cities: All cities have all NPCs, monsters Zao: All Zao is working, and includes all monsters - List of Working Quests - Almost all quest...
  15. fla5h

    [8.54] Roxor Server v8.54

    [8.54] RoXoR Server v8.54 This is version 8.5.4 of RoXoR Server Information about Roxor v8.54: PvP-Enf/RPG Map That Includes Many Scripts and Events. (such as raids and custom quests) Vip System - with many vip items and vip/exp scrolls. Added GM Commands! Custom Quest's: Railway...
  16. fla5h

    8.60 City Showoff

    a city i am working on what do you think? :P pic->http://bildr.no/view/1029782
  17. fla5h

    Dammer's Mapping thread

    Some pic on custom Evolution by Dammer Pic 1- Bildr.no Pic 2- Bildr.no
  18. fla5h

    Dammer's Mapping!

    Dammer's Mapping Thread<>Please Comment!