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  1. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Need help, moving FreeCapacity down.

    The problem is I'd like some space in-between my cap: text and the free cap of the player. Inventory.lua function onFreeCapacityChange(player, freeCapacity) if not freeCapacity then return end if freeCapacity > 99 then freeCapacity = math.floor(freeCapacity * 10) /...
  2. psilocybusmaxim

    OTX2 7.72 DLL and XML PLUGIN TREE FOR Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3

    I thought I could save some people some time if I upload this, seems people have this problem time to time. Took me sometime to navigate to this amazing resource! I compiled a DLL tree so I could edit my items.otb with Nekiro's ItemEditor 0.4.3. thought i'd share it with the community for...
  3. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 So this is how my cap look's, it only go's to 600'ish and then resets to a lower number. IT WILL NEVER SHOW OVER 600'ish CAP. Protocolgame.cpp - On the server. msg->put<uint16_t>(int32_t(player->getFreeCapacity() * 100)); Also tried...
  4. psilocybusmaxim

    Solved Myaac, Cannot connect to MySQL database. OTX 2. - 7.72

    So I did a few fix's before bed on my web site and a few npc's, I woke up to this error, servers working fine though. I did a backup last night but the backups all fudged up to, maybe that had something to do with it IDK. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks for looking. ERROR: Cannot connect...
  5. psilocybusmaxim

    Solved 7.4 - 7.72 Otx 2.F vial disappearing on me

    Okay so I'm working with a 2.Frankenstein OTX 7.4 - 7.72 server I've been updating for a bit, but I can't change vials from disappearing. I want it to where I can just make the vial empty after it's used. I don't know if the problems doRemoveItem or doChangeTypeItem(item.uid, 0), I've just been...
  6. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient Removing otcv8 battle sort, and making smaller states bar?

    Looking to remove the battle sorting function and make the states bar smaller to fit the size of my images in my states folder. I've tried to remove the battle sorting function before by commenting it out, but I always get a error saying missing lines (da tada). If you could just give me a rough...
  7. psilocybusmaxim

    OTClient how would I move this button in otclient?

    I'm looking to move this back button, would it be in Otclient\data\styles\40-container or Otclient\data\styles\40-inventory? I've been trying to change it for some time trying random things, but I cant get it!!! Any help would be nice thanks, Max
  8. psilocybusmaxim

    How would I move this back button? otclient

    I took the lock off and disabled it, it's not working anymore (Its the way I want it). I have no clue how to move the back button over to where the lock was. Even if you have a idea or clue where it could be or how to move it, I'll test it out. Thanks, Max
  9. psilocybusmaxim

    Solved Block parcel movement otclient 7.4

    Looking to fix blocking parcel movement in otclient, for 7.4 - 7.72 server. Can't find a fix anywhere, maybe I don't know how to word it exactly for a search. I just see people showing it off, never seen the code or files. If you even have a hint or theory of where it could be or how to fix it...
  10. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ Yellow skull not working how i'd like it.

    So I'm new with playing with ot's old tibia player here trying to make a server, I've been playing with it for about a month finding 99.99% of my problems here but this one. So player A attacks player B, Player A gets a white skull Player B gets nothing and can walk right in pz. I'd like to...