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  1. Okke

    Found this recently hope you enjoy :) OTCv8 + Sources

    In memory of Josh, who lost his life but delivered this beautiful "F YOU" to the mercenary and rotten community members that have turned open tibia into a pile of shit!
  2. Okke

    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    Thanks for mentioning this! I'm sorry it was just out of a sudden... It was just worth clarifying.
  3. Okke

    OTU - OpenTibiaUnity - A new TibiaClient based on Unity3D engine

    Hello everyone, sorry for ressurecting such a thread but please take a look at the commit below... https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/commit/3c6f936eff92041b6dda1df0fd82e3abfc0d08ea Maybe someone forgot to change git configs and that's what we have. ;)
  4. Okke

    error transferring

    Excuse me for this off-topic comment, but @Znote will be Zonte from now on. Whew!
  5. Okke


    /* vim: set ts=4 sw=4 et: */ <3
  6. Okke

    TFS 0.X Spell that mute

    Hi zabuzo, I think the idea is genius. For that we can use the function doMutePlayer(cid, time). Do you need help to write the code or are you good with the information I gave you? Best Wishes, Okke
  7. Okke

    AAC Znote AAC, how can i check if game is online or offline?

    You need to write the information to $sock php $info = chr(6).chr(0).chr(255).chr(255).'info'; fwrite($sock, $info);
  8. Okke

    Happy new year OTLand

    Happy Covid! New Year!
  9. Okke


    Hello Kuantikum, you cannot modify OTCv8 Sources without giving money to the mafia that will sell you sources that have been sold to other hundreds of people. Basically the OTCv8 you use is already compiled and you can only modify data/ modules/ and init.lua. The source code isn't available...
  10. Okke

    New: What song are you listening to thread

  11. Okke

    TFS / open tibia servers engines questions

    Do whatever you need to do just don't buy OTCv8.
  12. Okke

    OTClient How to change the default client settings?

  13. Okke

    What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

    It's funny how you go against all acknowledgement of the members that said so in this thread. Things like that did kill Tibia, or at least the very original vibe it had back in the day. Adding hotkeys was the one of the worst things they could do, it made people even more lazy and turned the...
  14. Okke

    Minimap resets when I close/open otclient

    Hello Blasphemy, maybe check your ingame Terminal (Ctrl+T) to see if you receive any erros, I think the game client hasn't got the permission to write the .otmm file to the path it's configured to. Best Wishes Okke
  15. Okke

    Compiling How to move aura to client/tfs

    Yeah, don't buy it.
  16. Okke

    C++ [0.4] players do not lose aol or items after death

    Hello there, Don't forget that AoL has charges in 0.4, when you create one make sure to add ,1 to it. You're welcome. Yours, Okke, from the old TFS support :)
  17. Okke

    New: What song are you listening to thread

    Nostalgia? I bet you heard this: This is so epic and well done for its age.
  18. Okke

    AAC [MyAAC v0.8.2] SMTP Error

    Hello Croix, try using TLS, just change the port to 587. Best Wishes Okke