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  1. 2Rec

    Suggestion for safer Forum

    Not being an idiot is the most effective protection. //Also, with such a big help as this forum holds i'll just recommend people to learn shit so you don't have to buy anything from anyone.
  2. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    I haven't, because these here look much better.
  3. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    True, i was thinking i would definitely play a server whole like that.
  4. 2Rec

    Mapper Freelance Mapping~

    I think it would be better if you post pictures w/o custom sprites as an example. Since you are not gonna work with these.
  5. 2Rec

    OTClient Resize login background on widescreen (.apng)

    https://github.com/edubart/otclient/blob/5cc9319a94c5102b2995c64832f4f1a969562bff/modules/client_background/background.otui#L5 Change this to false.
  6. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Scripts and features

    My attempt on Tile Crawler minigame.
  7. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Scripts and features

    I mean it's no suggestion, i just let myself to make one. :p You can post your stuff here. It's actual thread.
  8. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Scripts and features

    So following @Levi999x idea i thought it could be nice to have a forum-wide showoff thread for coding and let's say 'gameplay design'. Similar to the one we have already in mapping section. What do you think? If you have something interesting you're currently working on, feel free to tease us...
  9. 2Rec

    Showoff stuff from Levi999x ( stuff will be released if community kinda likes )

    Would you be down for a forum-wide thread for showing off scripts and features? Something like we have in a mapping board already: https://otland.net/threads/quick-showoff-post-your-latest-maps.267189/ People could stop from time to time and throw a glimpse of some cool stuff they're working on rn.
  10. 2Rec

    does otland has a "showoff" thread for spells or custom scripts?

    There are "showoff" threads for sone servers on Discussion board, so i guess it fits the most.
  11. 2Rec

    does otland has a "showoff" thread for spells or custom scripts?

    Like, if you don't provide a code? I'd say Discussion board maybe?
  12. 2Rec

    LUA Scripting Contest

    Yeah, but just in a second round, which is not prized if i'm right? What those rounds are rly?
  13. 2Rec

    LUA Scripting Contest

    Why community can't decide? Who's in the jury? Is it someone from here? What's their competency? You can pick up 10.98 editor anytime, nobody forbids you to do that. Mapping in outdated versions is only a participant's choice.
  14. 2Rec

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    I would swap that dark pavement for something else and work a bit on borders, remove a branch from the angel's ass and maybe add some hedges. But it looks cool anyway. 👍
  15. 2Rec

    The white city

    I like a verticality of the city. Looks bomb with lighting too.
  16. 2Rec

    2rec//Mapping thread

    See you in the 6 months. --- --- --- ---
  17. 2Rec

    2rec//Mapping thread

    Sorry guys, not gonna map anything any time soon i guess. But we'll see.✌️
  18. 2Rec

    Lua Change map for war server TFS 0.4

    Try to set new seed before you run math.random. math.randomseed(os.time())
  19. 2Rec

    Thoughts on monster level system?

    Calculate lvl by monster's experience maybe. Could take a single equation i guess.