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  1. Zaweq

    Looking for a scripter (Events)

    I am looking for a scripter that will be able to write a big event for me and fix some bugs. I also needs help with creating new bosses and other things. I am working on otbr. Please contact me. Thanks!
  2. Zaweq

    Lua c++

    So am looking for someone who can do for me a script that gives bonuses to the character. I will pay. Pm me discord: ZaweQ#4110
  3. Zaweq

    Developer Lua. C++ and .net

    Looking for scripters lua. c++ and .net. 1636569779 @Sarah Wesker can you pm me? 1636569808 @Sarah Wesker can you pm me?
  4. Zaweq

    Tfs 1.3 poff

    Can anyone help me remove POFF from the server ? Tfs 1.3 12.64 Thanks so much/
  5. Zaweq

    manarune tfs 1.3

    Any can help me with manarune ? I want someone to do so to give a permanent 500-600 of mana? local runeTest = Spell(SPELL_RUNE) function runeTest.onCastSpell(creature, variant) local target = Tile(variant:getPosition()):getTopVisibleCreature(creature) if not target or not...
  6. Zaweq

    item add exp tfs 1.3

    Any can help me change this script to tfs 1.3? function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if player:getLevel(cid) >= 300 then player:addExperience(6000000) player:removeItem(38763,1) player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, 'You have received the...
  7. Zaweq

    npc mount seller. sell mount for coins

    Can anyone help me change this script Mount Seller sold Mount for Coins not for gold COINS ID: 37606 Thanks! local table = { ["Azudocus"] = {price = 0, id = 44}, ["Blazebringer"] = {price = 0, id = 9}, ["Antelope"] = {price = 0, id = 163}, ["Glooth Glider"] = {price = 0, id = 71}...