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  1. Pyrka Leci

    8.0/7.4 War OTS High Peaced Levels?

    Hello old players. Does anyone of the present and interested have a complete engine / files to create WAR OT with large lvl from the start I mean the server on which from the start we have a given lvl, for example 60lvl and we knock the lvl for frags and we lose it asymmetrically? More or less...
  2. Pyrka Leci

    Elfbot Script Help

    I looking someone who can give me script for opening a death's of Medusa and Serpent Spawn becouse elfbot do not open all the time serpent spawn death's and sometime do not open medusa Yes yes i have everything alright with looting on cavebot and on targeting all other deaths open all the time...
  3. Pyrka Leci


    Hey hey i looking some ppl who play like 10 yrs ago on server I rember this server works on 8.0 Client have amaizing custom map PACC name on this server means Nobles have a set from sms shop like Magic Set "look's like Lighting set on new tibia's" have unique UE animation and spell word its...
  4. Pyrka Leci

    PC RPG Games?

    Hi everyone i looking for some nice RPG game but with 2D graph like Diablo 2 POE Dosen't must be a hard RPG or hard Hack'n'slash Cheers !