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  1. Skykes

    [Brazil] [7.4] Miner's Adventurer - Test Server

    That's totally fair.
  2. Skykes

    [Brazil] [7.4] Miner's Adventurer - Test Server

    Most 7.4 servers are blatant money grabs. But this one really takes the cake. Project is dead on arrival.
  3. Skykes

    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons | Paperdoll | PvP-E Guild Wars | Auras | Reborns | 15 JANUARY 18:00 CET

    500 players online, game chat and world chat completly silent. Weirdchamp.
  4. Skykes

    [USA] [7.4] PhantomOld | Starting 31th JAN 18:00 2022 | OldSprites | News Items | No vip itens | Join us now!

    Is there any 7.4 server that does not allow MC and is not 1x?
  5. Skykes

    [USA][CUSTOM]Dreamsoul Server | Custom Map | Custom Vocations | RPG

    To be honest in the current state it feels more like a beta. It is fun to play but plenty of bugs.
  6. Skykes

    [USA][CUSTOM]Dreamsoul Server | Custom Map | Custom Vocations | RPG

    Country selection has been such a standardized feature on websites for like 10 years now. So weird to see "other" in 2022. So I can't even pick "other". It does not allow that as a valid choice. Lmao. €70 for a level 29 character on the auction part of the website ? Wtf is this server.
  7. Skykes

    [Germany][7.4] Dawn - Progression of Zanera [US Proxy]

    I am so confused as to the purpose of this ascension system. It just seems weird and unnecessary. Like is it a kind of metagame where you make multible accounts and try to high roll to get a better new account? Is it a war server ? I just don't get it.
  8. Skykes

    [France] [7.4] Faloria beta - Launch January 7th 15.00 GMT+1

    What rate will the live server be?
  9. Skykes

    [Sweden] [Custom] Elythia

    I think a fresh wipe to get new players would be a good idea
  10. Skykes

    [Sweden] [Custom] Elythia

    This server looks fun, when was it last wiped?
  11. Skykes

    [POLAND] [CUSTOM] 3Dragons (Tibia3D) - Beta server - starting Dec 17, 6pm!

    Looks interesting, any gameplay footage of fighting?
  12. Skykes

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    Very fun server and one of the best custom maps I have seen in a long time. However I think it needed a longer beta.
  13. Skykes

    otland lagging?

    The logs hold all the answers if you have the time and patience to comb through them.
  14. Skykes

    Therran - Official Discussion

    Looks cool !