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    [France] [8.6] AcidsOT

    i go take a look on that ! i like to play with summons ^^
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    [Poland][8.6] Evorius Hard Evolution [Custom Map] Start 15.07 19:00

    the ot will have rarity and random options on equips? or already have?
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    [USA] The Heroes Of Time - The best custom brazilian 8.6 high-exp (new spells,quests,items)

    have rarity and random options on armors/weapon/accessory?
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    any dungeon based ot?

    the vision is great, but i dont know why the server is dead,i see something about adm be a "trash" on the thread from the server, blacktalon i like a little, but is very focused on party gameplay, without a party can make the quests, only kill regular monsters, ascension i like a little too, but...
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    any dungeon based ot?

    some ot with random options on armors, and custom spell or custom vocation? like a path of exile maps, but on tibia i think with dungeons is more easy do make, or something like the path of tibia thread( sad the guys stop the develop on the ot).
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    Path of Tibia - Development Thread

    very sad that, the ot seemed to be great.
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    Path of Tibia - Development Thread

    this server stop the develop ?
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    [USA] [CUSTOM] Swordart - SAO Game Fantasy

    server closed?
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    [GERMANY][Custom/10.98] VisionOT | Unique Systems | Best Custom Server | 11 MARCH FRIDAY 19:00 CET

    anyone know another ot like this? at least with rarity system on equips?
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    Help with a good ot!

    I dont know If i can ask this here,but have a ot with rarity and random options in armors and weapons? With custom skills? Infinite arrow for archers? I find one like this but the ot is dead, the adm never show up or update anything, and i like custom like i say, if anyone know a ot with at...