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  1. Sir Knighter

    [United States][Custom] August 13th 2022 - New Fresh Start World Abaldar - ArchlightOnline

    Launching December 3rd, 9:00am Pacific Time, 14:00 Brasilia Time, 18:00 CET Character Creation is Now Open Click Here Over the last couple years, we have received increased requests of a server without heirlooms, and overall just a completely fresh server on an even playing field. This has been...
  2. Sir Knighter

    Programmer Living Phoenix Ent. Hiring Programmer

    You can view the original post on our website here - We're Hiring! (https://ravendawn.online/en/home/view/24602394) We are currently hiring an additional programmer to join the Living Phoenix Team! Please read below if this interests you! Technical Requirements Fluent in C++ Fluent in Lua is...
  3. Sir Knighter

    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    This thread will be for posting ongoing Development Blogs (weekly~) Ravendawn is a new title that our team has been working on in the background since 2017, and while it has been public for 2 months now, as it is approaching alpha, we are excited to now share it with the Otland community as...
  4. Sir Knighter

    [USA] [Custom] ArchlightOnline - Avuria (New No-Bot World)! Official Release on March 6th, Friday 7:00 AM PT/16:00 CET!

    Avuria - The new No-Bot World! Website: ArchLight Online Client: Custom Client When: Officially releasing on Friday, March 6th at 7:00 AM PT/16:00 CET More information about the server can be found here: ArchlightOnline - Choose your server (https://archlightonline.com/) Discord Server...
  5. Sir Knighter

    Someone pretending to be me on Discord

    Just posting here because we have/do work with alot of freelancers/people from discord. Someone is pretending to be me and requesting info from our players, freelancers, and just OTland users in general. They seem to be contacting quite a freelancers off otland requesting work (and likely will...
  6. Sir Knighter

    Mapper Archlight Team Hiring Additional Mapper

    Our Team is looking to hire another mapper to further bolster our mapping team as we continue to grow. What we offer; 1. Hourly and Fair Pay. We pay an hourly rate, not based on completion, as we do not like to encourage our mappers is rush their work, it also means you will be properly...
  7. Sir Knighter

    Archlight Online Junior Game Design & Storywriter Positions

    Due to the growth of our playerbase and the increasing desire for our team to create more unique content such as Shadows of The Ashen, we have opened two new positions in our team for anyone interested in a Junior Game Design position And/Or Junior Story Writer position! This position would be...
  8. Sir Knighter

    [USA][Custom][World Dracona] Archlight Online - New Season - Launches September 4th! Mobile Client & Completely Fresh Meta

    Friday, April 17th - 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 13:00 BST / 18:00 CET Dracona's new season was originally planned to be around May 1st or 8th, however, with light of how many are isolated due to Corona, and the constant requests to launch Dracona earlier, we decided to do a poll and leave it up...
  9. Sir Knighter

    Mapper Archlight Hiring Mapper

    All of our staff are paid staff. We will never request you to work for free (other than if we request a small sample of your talent pre-hiring) This position can be full time or part time, however much you wish to map, we have plenty of available work. If you are interested, please submit the...
  10. Sir Knighter

    Where is creatures list saved for RME?

    Does anyone know where the creature list is saved for RME? Many of the custom creatures added arn't found in any of the creatures.xml files inside the data folder, but still exist in the RME, when sending that RME, those creatures don't appear for the other users, but do and have always for me...
  11. Sir Knighter

    Map Editor Portal Cord Option Missing?

    Using a more recent RME, no portals have the ability to add cords to them, anyone have an idea on this? Screenshot
  12. Sir Knighter

    Mapper Archlight Online - Mapper Position Open

    All of our staff are paid staff. We will never request you to work for free (other than if we request a small sample of your talent pre-hiring) Open Positions Mapper - 1 Position Available If you are interested in any of the jobs listed above, please submit the following as a Private Message...
  13. Sir Knighter

    Setting up Profiling Tool (Perf) on OVH - 200E Bounty

    Need help setting up a Profiling Tool on our OVH dedicated server. Having constant conflictions and issues in setup. Will pay up to 200 euros to someone who solves this, depending on the amount of work required. Contact me on discord - Sir Knighter #7613 or pm me here
  14. Sir Knighter

    Paid Job Editing OTC UI

    We're hiring someone to make UI edits to OTC. This is a paid position. Pm me for more info or if interested contact me on discord - Sir Knighter #7613 or Skype - Nick.Schrik
  15. Sir Knighter

    Graphic Designer Hiring Spriter - Paid and Unlimited Work

    Hey guys Archlight Team is hiring a spriter (you will work alongside another one of our spriters). This is a paid position, you will be paid based on amount of sprites completed. Prices will be discussed before you start a job. We have as much work as you want. To apply please submit 3...
  16. Sir Knighter

    Programmer OTC Position $$Paid Well$$

    Looking for someone who knows OTC fluently and feels comfortable working on it inside and out. I will give more information on the entire position in a private message as it's somewhat confidential. Paying very well and will have plenty of available work. Private message me here
  17. Sir Knighter

    Graphic Designer ArchlightOnline > Hiring Video Editor/Producer

    We are looking to hire a youtube video producer/editor to essentially clip broadcasts we do, setup small trailers for new content, create a good (simple and clean) intro, and edit small guides we will be creating. This will not be a heavy workload, but will require someone who is able to be...
  18. Sir Knighter

    Archlight Online Job Thread - Mapper Open

    This thread is an open thread for any positions available with the Archlight Team for ArchlightOnline.com and other works. All of our staff are paid upon completion of work. Open Positions Mapper - 1 Position Available Web Designer/Coder - No Positions Available Scripter - No Positions...
  19. Sir Knighter

    Trailer for Archlight - Paying

    Looking for someone interested in making a short trailer for Archlight. Will be of course paying for this, and can supply most the footage, need someone good at sony vegas pro/similar program to put it nicely together. Please pm me some of your work as well as your contact info. Thank you