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  1. edwinaaa

    Paid Job Cast System

    I need someone to do a job for me, to implement the Cast System for TFS 1.3 for versions 12.+ without error, interested please contact me to see details
  2. edwinaaa

    Cast live tfs 1.3 (12+)

    hello guys how are you, I wanted to know if there is a Cast Live system for tfs 1.3 of client versions 12+, I have tried some and they are not compatible because they are for older versions, can someone help me with it?
  3. edwinaaa

    Upgrade datapack 12.8+

    Hello, please, I need a guide on how to pass a distribution of 12.64 or 12.72 to the new versions 12.8+, the things to add among others.
  4. edwinaaa

    Two-Factor Gesior and tfs 1.3, 12+

    Hello how are you guys I need a request to implement the two-factor in the client through the login.php of the 12+ clients I already have the use of two-factor enabled on the web but now I need to connect it to the client and the server so that it requests it when I want to log in to the client...
  5. edwinaaa

    show charges necklace Bug

    I have a problem with the necklaces that the creatures drop, which do not put the charges, how do I correct this bug?
  6. edwinaaa

    Lua Compendium System

    Hello guys, how are you? I wanted a little help with this, I get an error from something like clound retrive compendium, and it comes from here, how do I make this work, what should I add and where?
  7. edwinaaa

    System Multi World tfs 1.3

    hello guys, could you help me how to integrate the possibility of multi world in tfs 1.3? Use source 12x tfs 1.3
  8. edwinaaa

    TFS 1.3 12.72 debug

    hello how are you guys, I wanted your help because I don't know why the server closes unexpectedly, I know it's something with some game interaction and when a player does something, but I can't figure out what it is because I can't see where it came from or from where the problem occurred, is...
  9. edwinaaa

    Item specified not drop tile and dead in container and set

    hello guys I come to ask for help on how I can make a certain item if the player dies does not fall to the floor as well as not allow him to throw it to the floor including avoiding the trade between players, if it can be a parameter that I can place and configure by the items.xml would be very...
  10. edwinaaa

    OtclientV8 error RSA Decrypt Failed

  11. edwinaaa

    Decimals in the Store

    Is it possible to have decimals in the store at least 2 or 3 decimals programming it from the source code or in the client?
  12. edwinaaa

    IOMarket::updateStatistics() bug

    hello guys how are you, back here to know how to solve a bug that I have in the market, I explain what happens, when I enter the market and buy or sell something it does normal but after I restart the server and I will see the statistics of said item where it shows the low and high prices that...
  13. edwinaaa

    Job - Map Cyclopedia Reloaded New Map

    Hello guys how are you, I have a problem with the Cyclopedia map, since in the area where I have marked what is built in that area does not appear, where I can edit the place where it reads the map information, I think it is something predetermined or some pixel base that reads it by default...
  14. edwinaaa

    Job - Party Hunt Analyzer System

    Hello guys, how are you, I'm looking for the Party Hunt Analyzer system for TFS 12.72, who can make it work for me, and tell me how much it will cost to start, thanks.
  15. edwinaaa

    Prevent that a specific item can be thrown on the ground

    Prevent that a specific item can be thrown on the ground and also prevent a bag from being thrown if it contains said item I understand that it can be done by events/scripts/player on the player:onMoveItem any solution? Thanks
  16. edwinaaa

    Otlist publiciti char descriptions server

    Hola quiero saber como puedo poner mi servidor en la otlist en la pestaña principal de publicidad en la cual es la larga que aparece las descripciones y todo eso como son los procedimientos para agregar el servidor alli
  17. edwinaaa

    Help Order Live Stream Workable

    As this community I come to you for help and then giving the reward of + rep ;) for it wanted to tell me if I can pass the full scryps for both acc Gęsior and .lua for this application because the other issues that have appeared not work about me and not the players I appear and global events...