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  1. SalvaART

    [Poland][10.98][OTC] Evorius [Long-Term] 10.09.2022 18:00

    Offical start date: 09.09 - 18:00 GMT +1 server got 40-50 days beta tests USA Hosting [OVH] OTClient with vBot and Target Bot inside. EXP Stages on Evorius: From level 1 to level 50 - exp x30 From level 51 to level 100 - exp x25 From level 101 to level 150 - exp x20 From level 151 to level...
  2. SalvaART

    We have own roxa on otland care

  3. SalvaART

    [Poland][8.6] Evorius Hard Evolution [Custom Map] Start 15.07 19:00

    Evorius.org - Hard Evolution Server (custom map, low stages) [ OFFICAL START ] 15.07 - 19:00 Project info: A very powerful and fast dedicated server with powerful parameters, A very carefully made project from zero, A server designed for a very long game, so that it does not get bored after a...
  4. SalvaART

    [ZNOTE] Evorius Layout

    I present my newest layout called Evorius. If you are interested in a unique layout, write to me on discord. • E-mail: [email protected] • Discord: xenov.#1337
  5. SalvaART

    AAC Znote ACC - Upcomming events panel

    Hello everyone i looking for upcomming events for znote acc v2.0, someone can help me? thank you! :)
  6. SalvaART

    [EUROPE][8.60] Triasot - Saturday 16:00 CET [Custom Evolution Map]

    The server was created by experienced Tibia players. When we say experienced, we mean players who have been playing this game from practically the beginning. We stand out with our own custom evo map, full balance of vocations, spells, potions, runes, and old school gameplay... TriasOT 8.60...
  7. SalvaART

    Need some help with LUA, i can pay.

    Hello everyone i need some help with lua, i can pay for help, its very important for me. TFS 1.5 8.60 by nekiro 1. Globalevent ( i dont know why, but my global server save didnt work, didnt reset serwer. globalevents.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <globalevents> <globalevent...
  8. SalvaART

    Lua /closeserver after server run tfs 1.5

    Hello everyone, I need a simple script that close the server for the player when started. I would like to ask for paths, what to install where, thank you very much in advance. TFS 1.5 8.6 nekiro
  9. SalvaART

    Lua Manarune show added mana/health after use

    Hello everyone, i have problem with manarune, someone can help me? The point is that the power of use is dependent on the level and magic level, and instead of displaying the monster's text, I would like it to display the added mana and health. TFS 1.5 DOWNGRADED BY NEKIRO 8.60. manarune.lua...
  10. SalvaART

    C++ Monsters maximum health problem

    Hello everyone i have problem with maximum health monsters on my server. Source: TFS 1.5 downgraded by Nekiro 8.6 Some monsters have normal health, some monsters have 9999999
  11. SalvaART

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 8.6 nekiro reupload

    Hello everyone someone have tfs 1.3 8.6 downgraded by nekiro? I need this thanks
  12. SalvaART

    Wallpaper Layout Gesior by Salvart - 2022 FREE PSD

    Hello everyone if someone want use this layout you can download now for FREE! Its .PSD file (photoshop) you need cut images and code on web. Have a nice weekend. Live screen:
  13. SalvaART

    OTClient Maps content - 7.72 * TFS 1.5 downgraded by nekiro * thanks for links

    Hello everyone. I'm starting a Custom 7.72 project. I am looking for downloadable maps in the style of YurOTS, Karmia, Custom MAPS. If someone has old maps up to 7.72 on a flash drive, please put a link. Also those that you will not provide for free, I will be happy to check the photos and...
  14. SalvaART

    Scripter looking for systems tfs 1.5 12.85

    hello guys , looking for systems on TFS 1.5 12.85 please send me message or discord $$$$
  15. SalvaART

    Graphic Designer [service] Graphic advertising your OTS

    Hello everyone, if you need stream overlay let me know :) #1 #2 Hello everyone I can make graphics projects with good design, if you need a project, contact me on discord. Salvart#2382 [banner]
  16. SalvaART

    [PIXEL] Sword - you can use for free :)

    Hello everyone, sometimes i train with pixels, today i 'create' this sword, you can use if you want. have a nice weekend guys.
  17. SalvaART

    Webdesign [Gesior] - Edited by Salvart.

    Hello everyone. i present my first layout edited by me. if someone like my services or if you are interesed any changes with your websites let me know Salvart#2382
  18. SalvaART

    Graphic Designer Salvart Services ( 7.4 - 12.85 )

    Hello everyone, im Salvart. i hope you are fine guys. Services: Mapping ( 7.4 - 12.85 ), Graphics ( layouts, websites, logo, banners, videos, and more ), Social Media ( adv, yt, fanpage fb likes, ig, tt, more ), Websites ( beautiful edits acc makers, others pages ), Linux help ( from 0 to...
  19. SalvaART

    ARTxen - Mapping Showoff - my start

    Hello everyone, im newbie in mapping. This is my first project, I am waiting for honest opinions and tips.
  20. SalvaART

    LUA Tools help

    Hello everyone I looking for tools/helping programs to write LUA Scripts, any helpfully links? Thank you :)