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  1. Landera

    TFS 1.X+ Reverse Oracle

    Hello guys, I'd tried creating an reverse oracle npc basically, and came up with some kind of base. But no clue how to get this into a working script. local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function...
  2. Landera

    Lua [TFS 1.3] storage on npc

    Good evening, This evening i was struggling with my NPC file and after I succesfully added the items and 3 items to choose from I've hit a solid wall. I cant figure out to put a storage on it, so the player can only do this once and can only pick the one weapon he choose from. WARNING I'm not...
  3. Landera

    Action [TFS1.3] Change gender rune

    Hello I'd like to share this little change gender rune I saw this new item en thought of this right away, very easy to script but maybe somebody likes it anyway :) This in your action.xml <action itemid="32605" script="tools/changesexrune.lua" /> <data\actions\scripts\tools>...
  4. Landera

    TFS 1.X+ npc problem

    Hello all, Hope somebody could help me with this one. I've been editing an npc script that basically make you collect 1500 berries in total. 1st time collecting 500 berries you get base outfit 2nd time you collect 500 berries gets you addon 1 3rd time cou collect 500 berries you get the last...
  5. Landera

    Lord of the rings shape

    Hello all I thought an shape of middle earth should be cool might be to small but meh, the rivers are guidelines aswell so that needs to be extended but somebody might like it :) it took me some hours to finish it and I hope it can be loved. some info about the map Version 10.98 Map...
  6. Landera

    Yalahar 7.6

    Hello all I've been working a few hours now on yalahar in 7.6 I'm almost done with the centre part of the city. I'll release it when its finished, I just wonder is there any interest for it.
  7. Landera

    C++ [Request] Elemental bow

    Hello I'd like too make a elemental bow similiar too the flaming bow from medivia. Medivia - Flaming Bow EDIT: TFS 0.3.6 I've found a script that is what im searching for however is has some flaws when I want too make a poison bow that makes the target poisoned but after ive edited...
  8. Landera

    Windows 8.1 tibia problem?

    Hello there i hope somebody could help me i have a gaming laptop that haves problem running tibia smooth i have the fps set on 40- 50 and it sometimes drop too 10 and after 1 second of freezing he gets back at 40-50. SPECS: msi Windows 8.1 intel core i7 4700mq 2.40ghz 8 gb ram Nvidia gforce...
  9. Landera

    Happy new year!!

    In a few hours 2014 is already over so i wish everyone a happy and healthy 2015 enjoy!
  10. Landera

    Landera's gallery

    Well I kinda bored and in a sudden moment i wanted to make a sprite so i did. Roman sword: I bet its not perfect but yeah.. :p EDIT: and now a shield EDIT2: Bonus ingame
  11. Landera

    Need an ingame account manager TFS 1.0

    Hello can somebody make me an ingame account manager i would be very happy with it if you do not like to post it in public you can always send it in my inbox hope somebody can help me with it thanks in advance
  12. Landera

    best distro

    Hello, I was wondering since i wanted to do a project again what distro is the best to use. The last version i worked with was tibia client 8.54 with TFS 0.3.6 from elf. now i want a updated tibia version like 10.21 or 10.30 but really not lower then 10.00 if thats possible my question is what...
  13. Landera

    Signature My siganture thread

    well im new too too signatures and im just trying too make some dont be too hard against me since im really new new :p program im using is Paint.NET first signature evar! tips are welcome :D
  14. Landera

    Leveling by walking

    Hello I'd like too request this. when I'm walking on this special island you are getting 50 exp every step but you walk very slow. island start from x: 1005 y: 1012 z:7 too x:1047 y:1034 z:7 hope some people could help me out im using the forgotten server 0.3.6 Greetings
  15. Landera

    Buying buying softboots

    Hello Im looking for softboots in refugia im want to buy it for euros Just msg me a price if you are willing to sell it. Im going to pay with paypal ofcourse "gift"
  16. Landera

    Can somebody help me with runes?

    Okay I have a question. I have custom runes like uh, manarune, mixed rune local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_HEALING) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_BLUE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, FALSE)...