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  1. Tbol

    Lua TFS 1.2 Looking for Bless Npc

    Hi im looking for bless npc that protectes you from losing experience when you die for example if u get blessed you will lose 50% less exp when you die
  2. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Wave event LUA SCRIPT ERROR and other issues

    Got three issues 1. It doesnt spawn boss once you kill the wave boss = { -- Boss is spawned after waitTimeBoss seconds after the wave is stated -- {"Bandit Lvl 10", Position(564, 788, 7)}, }, 2. Doesnt give item rewards once you finish the event itemRewards =...
  3. Tbol

    Annoying gesior shop delivery item spam on console

    Hi im getting this annoying item shop spam on my console probably its glitched for some reason gesior-shop.lua https://pastebin.com/u21uSici
  4. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Wave event works super weird

    This is the lib part that acting weird https://pastebin.com/0v2pn7mx and this is overall system https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-monster-wave-event.273925/ 1. What i noticed its super weird for some reason if u stepin on a tile it doesnt teleport you to event instantly it teleports you only...
  5. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 doesnt execute globalevent (wave event)

    Using this wave event script GlobalEvent - TFS 1.3 Monster Wave Event (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-monster-wave-event.273925/) but for some reason it doesnt execute the globalevent <globalevent name="Wavevent" interval="120000" script="wavevent.lua" /> local timeWait = 1 -- Time in...
  6. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 how to create loot channel and delete loot from server-log

    Seen some but its for 0.3 and 0.4 tfs
  7. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 npc that checks if monster x name exist if yes teleport

    Hi looking for npc that would teleport players to x,y,z if monster with name X exist in the map
  8. Tbol

    How can i broadcast message if someone kills monster with name X

    Hi how can i broadcast message if someone kills monster lets say with name "Dick Lord" and once this monster is killed it would say "Dick Lord was killed" tfs 1.2
  9. Tbol

    Lua [SPELL][TFS 1.2] doesnt ricochet

    Hi for some reason my spell doesnt ricochet local combats = {} local spellConfig = { combat = COMBAT_ENERGYDAMAGE, distanceEffect = CONST_ANI_DEATH, effect = CONST_ME_MORTAREA, bounces = { max = 4, chance = 100, baseMult = 0.1, levelMult = 0.1...
  10. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Spell summons more than one

    Hello it suppose to summon max only 1 monster but it summons unlimited number function onCastSpell(creature, var) local player = Player(creature) local summonName = "Priest Master" local maxsummons = 1 local summonsPlayer = creature:getSummons() local summon = true if (#summonsPlayer >= 1)...
  11. Tbol

    How can i delete house_lists from phpmyadmin

    Answer would be just click delete but you see there is no function delete so probably it needs somekind of command for it
  12. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Crash might be caused by player_death

    Got this crash log. https://pastebin.com/48p6FZ5Q anyone got idea how to solve it?
  13. Tbol

    Tfs 1.2 How to fix no delay on poof effect when failing to cast something

    Hello, i noticed for example when u cant cast the spell it sends poof effect right? And if u put it on hotkey f1 and hold it, it spams this poof effect like crazy, it doesnt really look normal or optimized. How can i make like delay of this effect or something?
  14. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 How too fix vip names too long

    Have issue if player name is too long, you cant add him to a vip list
  15. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 exiva spell doesnt support long player names

    Hi i notcied that if names are really long spell exiva says that this player is offline even tho hes online, it works fine if names are short
  16. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 looking for unique area spell

    Hello looking for area spell with pattern like this and after it casted once it would cast another pattern and the repeat first pattern and so on and on It suppose to warn the player that it will cast spell on these areas so somekind of effect would be casted on those places before spell...
  17. Tbol

    MyACC does anyone have myacc_paypal table?

    I noticed that myacc shop system doesnt have myacc_paypal table in databse like znote_paypal has which shows id, txn_d from donation like confirmation number, emaill, accid, price, points. Does anyone have it?
  18. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 4294967295 maglevel bug?

    Hello, found a weird issue that happens but its hard to replicate this bug it happens really rare so for some reason i have few characters that are stuck to 129 mag level and when they reach 130 they maglevel goes back too 129, so i though maybe its issue in vocation.xml but then i noticed that...
  19. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Frag remover doesnt remove stored kills

    Hello using action script that should remove all of my kills and my current white skull or red skull if i have one. It removes white skull fine (didnt tested with red skull) but it doesnt remove my stored kills that i have You currently have 1 frags today, 1 this week and 1 this month. and...
  20. Tbol

    otcv8 ERROR 2 bug with connection

    Hello, found a interesting bug with otcv8 so i used multiple clients of otcv8 and kept them online for few good 8 hours and then i put pc on sleep and turn it back on and i noticed that my clients disconected and started giving Your connection has been lost. Either your network or the server...