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  1. nugo

    TFS 1.X+ how to /reload lua monsters

    how do you reload lua monsters live the same way you do xml monsters. /reload monsters doesnt work
  2. nugo

    [USA] [Custom Client] Nutopia - 100% Original Custom Map - Low Rate RPG - 3 Year Up Tme - Moving to USA

    THE SERVER HAS BEEN HOSTED IN AUS FOR 3 YEARS BUT IS NOW MAKING THE MOVE TO THE US AT 7PM Friday 13th of August (PDT). ALL COMMUNICATION IS HANDLED THROUGH THE DISCORD BELOW. Connection Information Nutopia Website Server Wiki Old Advertisement Thread https://discord.gg/FqwD3rf7dD Exp Rate = 5...
  3. nugo

    TFS 1.X+ Big bug on TFS master branch? - healing spells

    Hello, If im not crazy or ive done somthing wrong i think i have found a pretty big bug on TFS master branch. I want some others to confirm before i post it as an issue on github. It appears all healing spells are not acting as to their specified forumla? They are 50%ish+ less effective then...
  4. nugo

    Nutopia - Discussion Thread

    NUTOPIA COMING TO THE USA 7PM Friday 13th of August (PDT) What is Nutopia? Nutopia is a server that i have been working on for a total of 3 years now, the map has been in development on and off for about 9 years. Nutopia is a low rate 5x custom RPG server. I felt that my home country...
  5. nugo

    Lua Lua Monsters and RME

    Hello all, I have been experimenting with lua monsters, one little issue i have run into and just wana double check im not missing somthing stupid. so RME can only import monster files with extension .xml (im using 3.7 the latest release). To load my exisiting monsters i have been creating...
  6. nugo

    Suggestion Otland Developer Sponsorships - Suggestion

    Inlight of comments in the below discussion thread i wish to propose an idea: The reason why tfs is delayed: we let the great programmers goes away (https://otland.net/threads/the-reason-why-tfs-is-delayed-we-let-the-great-programmers-goes-away.274114/page-3) This is a wall of text but please...
  7. nugo

    Purple Outline around a cropped sprite in object builder

    Trying to add some custom sprites and never had an issue doing it except for this sprite sheet. When i crop the image it puts purple lines around the object in the field to the right. They show up like it in game aswell doest appear to happen when i test it in the animation editor Any...
  8. nugo

    Fix/Patch Party XP Share Fix TFS 1.2

    Hello OTland If you are using this version of TFS 1.2 https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/releases you may or may not notice the calculation to determine shared party XP to be incorrect compared to whats displayed on the RL tibia wikia. This issue is fixed in 1.3 but im sure plenty are...
  9. nugo

    Windows Could not locate metadata and/or sprite files - RME

    https://gyazo.com/e97657018ac02600bb7a8a4979013467 I have added custom sprites into a .spr .dat. The server and client load them fine but im trying to add them to my RME to place them on the map. I copied over my edited .spr & .dat to my client directory i also replaced the RME item.otb with my...
  10. nugo

    Suggestion Can we please enable post edits (remove edit expiry) in the Advertisement forum only?

    Hello, Can we please remove the edit post expiry timer in the Advertisement forum? I understand why you added it on the website as a whole to stop people removing there content years later but this feature doesn't really apply to the Advertisement section of the forum and is a painful feature...
  11. nugo

    How does hosting with a proxy work on OTserverlist?

    Lets say you have a server in the EU and a Proxy server in the US, can you add duplicate servers one with the proxy IP in USA and one with the EU IP so you can see it listed for both areas? Or is that not possible/against the rules?
  12. nugo

    TFS 1.X+ Issue - distance auto attack stops with potion use

    Hello, Its probably easier if i just post this convo: 14:43 Mazz [525]: after you pot 14:43 Mazz [525]: it resets the arrow autoattack 14:43 Mazz [525]: same with using a rune 14:43 Mazz [525]: after you pot or use a rune 14:43 Mazz [525]: wont be able...
  13. nugo

    OTClient Disabling space bar when chats active & adding new hotkeys - OTclientv8

    When chats active all my keys are disabled but some still cast spells while chat is active. EG: If you bind spacebar to "exura" it will say exura every time you hit space bar while typing. Were can i disable this like the other letter keys? Also is it possible to add additional hotkeys that OT...
  14. nugo

    Nutopia Mini Map Progress

    I stumbled across an old screenshot i found on my ancient hard drive. I figured this would be a good time to post my map "Nutopia's" progress over the years. The first screenshot is taken in 2011 and the second screenshot today 2020. My map has gone through many iterations over the years and its...
  15. nugo

    Team Nutopia Contributors

    Hello All, A bit of introduction, Im Nugo and have been hosting tibia servers local to my area (Australia) for the better part of 10 years on and off. I have released a free version of my map that i have been developing for years (see description) and 1 year ago released the server i had been...
  16. nugo

    AAC "Players online" & "Highscores" not displaying everyone who is online after server wipe

    So i wiped my server today. I wanted to keep all my old accounts. I took my first ever scheme backup where it was just my god account and re-added that to my database, i then took the exported accounts from my most recent backup and imported the accounts table only into my first backup. This...
  17. nugo

    Programmer Looking for a programmer to do some RME modifications

    Hello, Looking for a programmer to do some RME modifications, i will pay of course. Im not sure on the complexity/work load of the below items but ill put them down anyway. One condition is that on the completion of the upgrades i can release the upgraded version on OTland for free with credits...
  18. nugo

    C++ Mod/Update RME to allow in game light effects with a toggle key

    Hello All, I am not sure if its even possible but if it is can anyone mod/update a recent version of RME to allow in-game lighting effects through the use of a toggle key. Eg: When i hit L it enables in-game lighting effects exactly as seen in the client. If you press L again it disables them...
  19. nugo

    RME/Map Editing - How to take one collective detailed screenshot of a map

    Hello All, Im wanting to create a detailed screenshot of my entire map, i would rather not have to take 100 screenshots and copy paste them all together. The mini map export function in RME is not detail enough for what i need. Anyone know of a method/program to make this process easier? Cheers
  20. nugo

    Nutopia Map Development - Community Request

    Hello Guys, I am the person who made the Nutopia maps that have been seen on servers over the years, some of you may be familiar with the maps, some may not. Below is a link to the three major release i have done: [10.98] Nutopia V3 New Release - Original Map - Completed Full Release...