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  1. nugo

    Compiling TFS with vcpkg - Unable to find a valid Visual Studio instance

    @Evil Puncker I came back after a few years to compile master branch for experiments. Got the same problem as this guy following https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Windows-%28vcpkg%29 I suggest updating the above documentation to make sure when installing community 2022...
  2. nugo

    Looking for best source to start with 10.98 version project.

    Use Release The Forgotten Server 1.4.2 · otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/releases/tag/v1.4.2) (tfs 1.4.2) its the last stable major release for protol 10.98. I would advise against TFS master branch until it has matured a bit more and the tools in the community...
  3. nugo

    Things you Wish you wouldve known before running an OT

    Structure your OT so it works with seasons or "wipes". Its only the big OT's with huge resources that create enough of a playerbase to never have to wipe as their content release rate can outpace that of the players completion rate. Its harder to move to a "seasonal" system halfway through a...
  4. nugo

    [Tool] Lua scripts Node Builder

    lol fair enough i thought that was the case. I get the rule, their site their rules i suppose. I lurk alot on here but i find myself more and more on that discord lately i much prefer the atmopshere their, i think they have got the right idea with how a modern OT community should work but could...
  5. nugo

    [Tool] Lua scripts Node Builder

    made me even more curious now haha
  6. nugo

    [Tool] Lua scripts Node Builder

    Im curious what rule stops you?
  7. nugo

    Gauging Interest - Map Shape Templates

    How did you go with this? i was about to start a series of larger islands to map. Pre generated island would work alot easier.
  8. nugo

    how to advertise for american and european audience

    Facebook groups discords << usually a pay for featured server feature in some of them pay streamers for a day stream otserverlist + yellow highlight otland if your serious about exposure you will need spend a small amount of $$
  9. nugo

    Compile Error

    you didnt link your includes properly or not at all. The compiler is looking for that file in the path you specificed (or forgot to/didnt do). Theirs a bunch of guides around on compiling TFS and how to to link librarys properly.
  10. nugo

    How to behave in an Internet Forum

    their wasnt a section on posting memes i dunno if i can trust it
  11. nugo

    Suggestion Remove otservlist subforum

    To be ohnest OTserverlist is vital to the current OT ecosytstem. Its brand is synonomys with its longjevity and new and especially old returning players flock to it because thats what they know or the first thing google sends them to. You could get rid of it and replace it with somthing else but...
  12. nugo

    [USA] [Custom Client] Nutopia - 100% Original Custom Map - Low Rate RPG - 3 Year Up Tme - Moving to USA

    I handed ownership over to my counter part who helped run the server since day 1. He currently has it in a "Beta" phase while he is testing all his new additions etc. Their will be news on a new season soon. You can still jump on and play though, its designed for any number of players online.
  13. nugo

    New: What song are you listening to thread

  14. nugo

    TFS 1.X+ how to /reload lua monsters

    how do you reload lua monsters live the same way you do xml monsters. /reload monsters doesnt work
  15. nugo

    The Forgotten Server 1.4

    Legends, good job. What will 1.5 and beyond be targeting features wise?
  16. nugo

    [USA] [Custom Client] Nutopia - 100% Original Custom Map - Low Rate RPG - 3 Year Up Tme - Moving to USA

    Havent updated this for a while. We are still reguarly updating the server with new stuff every week as we have been for a few years now. Added ALOT of qol improvements new players reported after starting. We improved the autolooter and did some considerable vocation balancing. If your looking...
  17. nugo

    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    I don't hate kondrah or you, I have spoken to him a few times he isn't the demon that people on here make him out to be I just think that sounds ridiculous that he had a sudden change of heart lol let's not kid ourselves he was in it for the cash, nothing wrong with it but yea just sounds to...
  18. nugo

    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    That sounds to good to be true, Why would he want to open source a client he had been selling sources for? Like surely he knew he couldn't open source he's not stupid. lol sounds like a bad attempt at PR on his part.
  19. nugo

    OTClient There is no main OTClient repo?

    In a weird twisted way i kind of agree with kondrahs approach to creating the developer edition. In the modern era 99% of developers just fork OTcleint and close source all their improvements atleast with developer addition your forced to share. Only person from recent memory who openly shared...