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  1. Shadow_

    How to get FREE VPS from Oracle Cloud

    Actually i just made the payment i needed a server for like 2 hours so i decided to try this one, i got nothing after the payment went through successfully
  2. Shadow_

    TFS 1.X+ Make sure Player is unable to dismount in specific tiles.

    in this message you mentioned the "said area" for the first time you gave 0 information about it, not even groundIDs so did you edit the code provided by contributors to fit your needs? --Whatever the case, you did or not, you mentioned about the area and i didn't see or not, please understand...
  3. Shadow_

    TalkAction [TFS 1.3+] Prison System [Free Services Order]

    Any errors found has been fixed, please let me know if anymore issues found. Thank you everybody im really happy that you are into those codes i will be dropping in these days, sometimes i take time to release its just because im was super busy with rl life and things are getting re-ordered...
  4. Shadow_

    TalkAction [TFS 1.3+] Prison System [Free Services Order]

    @peteralto asked me for this system please read instructions inside the code in-order to build it correctly. Prison System explanation: On prisoning a player the player will be required to mine a specific amount of the material stated, that amount is stated in the command the player should be...
  5. Shadow_

    Shadow’s Free scripting services

    Sorry dami i have to reject the first one since its kinda long. 2. local Path = { Position(1057, 784, 7), Position(1061, 784, 7), Position(1061, 793, 7), Position(1052, 793, 7), Position(1052, 799, 7), Position(1063, 799, 7), Position(1063, 804, 7)...
  6. Shadow_

    Shadow’s Free scripting services

    If i can ask what do you mean with without a caster? because im pretty sure combat takes place based on player as a parameter which be using its data for position, DMG calculation [Formula]..etc OR what kind of spells do you mean something like this ? pos:customNonPlayerSpell(1) -- 1 is the...
  7. Shadow_

    Shadow’s Free scripting services

    Hello everybody, Last week words are spreading that im not capable of scripting/programming where its absolutely not the case, ppl loves interacting with drama even tho they don’t understand shit, so i decided to do free scripts For anybody willing to use this opportunity, to request a script...
  8. Shadow_

    Found this recently hope you enjoy :) OTCv8 + Sources

    @Dip Set Crying for the source he paid for and all has for free now haha xD i feel you but what did you expect from a community based on stolen assets and committed to a violation to Cipsoft
  9. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    The code wasn’t exclusive, you don’t buy me and you buy my services, you received a working characters auction system that works with myAAC so really what is your problem🤣 NOT accepting anymore tasks from ppl that i don’t know i will say im good with the customers i got and my clients they...
  10. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    You good in recovering, then you know that this guy owes me money he refunded thats why i did that with him, [[[i keep their files because those are the clients who i work with too and they ask me for multiple tasks]]] — forgot to mention that i just asked for the money that he did refund...
  11. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    i believe all of those are clients files, why i didn't leak any yet you think ? + really who are you i never worked with you even lol
  12. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    Sorry Lee, scammer must pay for their doings. Once you scam you have to pay for your intentions and ppls time you spent pointlessly
  13. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    Here you go, now you see why i ask to get paid forward @jdre even after doing extra work decided to refund his payment and block me when im done, don’t work for tibiawr 1662283474 PS: it is the same guy i threatened to release his files just because he doesn't want to pay, so im really releasing...
  14. Shadow_

    [FRANCE][8.60] - VENORE-WAR - 04/09 20:00 GMT+2

    Helpful and everything is done carefully i were in the end of development phase only and I we had good, trusted communication. Recommended server!
  15. Shadow_

    Scripter [Not available] - Shadow's Programming Services

    :o i remember i refunded you why are you mad + you got some work done in 2020… you are dead man. + m its the threads by jerOp he just mentioned me because adversario decided to work eithnme after he scammed him 550 usd for otbr installation,also the thread shows that he scammed me i suggest to...
  16. Shadow_

    Lua Setting skill requirement on items

    what is this ?? new to my eye : first you received CID from callback cool! then you created a player pointer which can be cooler ! [p = Player(cid)] what the hell is this? p:getId(cid) maybe my knowledge is limited if the function getId() acts different if received parameter to check if it is...
  17. Shadow_

    Hi, I have 2 questions.

    Outfits are handled in protocolgame.cpp if i remember correctly, if not protocolgame.cpp im pretty sure that older versions handles outfits in source, I recommend UniServerZ [Been using for 6 years now thanks to Znote i knew it from him
  18. Shadow_

    Programmer Hacking, coding, OTCV8 bots -- SecurizeMe

    sad story 1661354118 Daytime jobs isn't always the solution for everybody, since its like 120USD/Month 9hours of work in my country you can't rely on 120usd for your month when you have to pay bills/accommodation in a country that doesn't cover 1penny from your bills and take alot of taxes...
  19. Shadow_


    sad, another one had to leave, till the next one.