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  1. amatria

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    You can't avoid searching "around" or "backwards". There will always exist a time step in which searching "around" or "backwards" is a far better alternative than searching in a straight line. This behaviour is intrinsic to any heuristic-based algorithm.
  2. amatria

    Compiling issue with 12.x

    Copying all the files from the assets folder should do the trick
  3. amatria

    TFS 1.X+ I Can't push player when i use rune tfs 1.2

    I don't know man. I feel sorry for you. You are spamming my inbox asking me for help and playing pretend here with your two accounts. I really feel sorry for you
  4. amatria

    TFS 1.X+ I Can't push player when i use rune tfs 1.2

    That was a piece of cake :). To be honest I was reluctant to share the solution... A few hundred more experiments and you sure would have made it https://streamable.com/dje0v8
  5. amatria

    TFS 1.X+ I Can't push player when i use rune tfs 1.2

    https://github.com/celohere/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/game.cpp#L672-L678 Removed... huh? (Note that I'm now linking you to your own repository) First of all, I would not insult someone who is trying to give me a helping hand. Second, I would search for other posts with a similar...
  6. amatria

    TFS 1.X+ I Can't push player when i use rune tfs 1.2

    Again, have you compiled the code after commeting out the lines Roddet pointed out for you? Completely off-topic, by the way:
  7. amatria

    TFS 1.X+ I Can't push player when i use rune tfs 1.2

    Did you recompile the server engine after commenting out those lines? Also, there is no need to use a bigger font size or a bold typeface. We can read your messages just fine :)
  8. amatria

    Compiling Adding new spell effects source tfs 1.3

    What do you mean by "somewhat buggy"? Are you able to see the new effects? Or, for instance, are you seeing only a small subset of all the available effects? I would start my research here...
  9. amatria

    Compiling Adding new spell effects source tfs 1.3

    This is pure speculation, but if you are now using a uint16_t type for the effectId, these lines should change https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/768ec435e27e53a045181c7d9e65a0b39abd5c6f/src/protocolgame.cpp#L2262 to msg.add<uint16_t>(type); !! Disclaimer: Not tested. This change may...
  10. amatria

    Linux IPTables - SSH Filter by MAC Address

    MAC addresses can be easily spoofed. If you want to increase the security of your server, you are going about this the wrong way. Generate SSH keys and configure your server to only allow key based login (i.e. disable password auth and rate limit SSH connection attempts). You will be much more...
  11. amatria

    Error compiling Ubuntu 20.04

    My best guess is that your compilation is running out of memory (Indeed the build process is crashing when it tries to compile the luascript.cpp source file, which is one of the biggest in the TFS code base). What are your machine specs?
  12. amatria

    Error compiling Ubuntu 20.04

    Try disabling interprocedural optimization: forgottenserver/CMakeLists.txt at master · otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt#L80-L90).
  13. amatria

    Retrocores serious privacy violation ! Watch out !

    I just read through the RetroCores's "extensive" list of terms and conditions. Not only do they not mention the "anti-cheating" policy, but I'm sure that they are abusive, too (see the highlighted line in the attachment below). It's about time to take legal action. With all the information you...
  14. amatria

    Crowdfunding community projects

    Wrong answer. Try again please.
  15. amatria

    Source's custom OT game engine (TypeScriptFTW)

    Your answer leaves a lot of details to imagination, but I will try to make a point. First of, if your ultimate goal is to learn, you should go with the 5000 lines of code indeed. If the main objective behind this project is to learn and have fun, why would you avoid implementing the hard...
  16. amatria

    TFS 1.2 Crash might be caused by player_death

    This makes a lot more sense indeed. I jumped early into conclusions. I saw that DELETE LIMIT and at first I was like "What? You can ORDER BY a DELETE statement?" ---again, my SQL knowledge is so rusty at this point--- And then I started to search online and saw that it was implemented later in...
  17. amatria

    TFS 1.2 Crash might be caused by player_death

    Line #19 of the stack trace: DELETE FROM `player_deaths` WHERE `player_id` = 3526 ORDER BY `time` LIMIT 1 It looks like your MySQL version does not support the DELETE LIMIT statement. Consider changing the query in playerdeath.lua to: if limit > 0 then db.asyncQuery("DELETE FROM...
  18. amatria

    TFS 0.X Creature.h - Crash server

    I am guessing one of your scripts is iterating over a list of creatures, and at some point it is calling the getZone() method over a creature that no longer exists in the game. This may happen, for instance, if you want to display a message over the players that are currently standing in a...
  19. amatria

    [Weapon] TFS 1.3 Chance to double hit (commented)

    Are you sure the script above works? You are passing to the doDoubleHit function a player_id as a parameter. However, if I'm not mistaking, combat:execute(player, variant) requires a player object to work. Am I missing something? The correct function should be as follows: function...
  20. amatria

    [France] [8.60] BudexOT - Custom OT PvP-E | War & RPG & Fun | Starts 1st August 18:00 CET

    P2W, cringeworthy admin and, as in the last four or five resets this very same year, the same boring and tasteless content. Just like the users above, I strongly do not recommend this server. Also, no evidence, but he is already spoofing accounts with a Brazilian RPG name generator.