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  1. Shadow_

    TalkAction [TFS 1.3+] Prison System [Free Services Order]

    @peteralto asked me for this system please read instructions inside the code in-order to build it correctly. Prison System explanation: On prisoning a player the player will be required to mine a specific amount of the material stated, that amount is stated in the command the player should be...
  2. Shadow_

    Shadow’s Free scripting services

    Hello everybody, Last week words are spreading that im not capable of scripting/programming where its absolutely not the case, ppl loves interacting with drama even tho they don’t understand shit, so i decided to do free scripts For anybody willing to use this opportunity, to request a script...
  3. Shadow_

    what is faster in execution time [getSpectators function or 3 for loops to check around tiles]

    hello, i was wondering which can be faster execution wise using getspectators function or this code for x = positionPlayer.x - distance, positionPlayer.x + distance do for y = positionPlayer.y - distance, positionPlayer.y + distance do...
  4. Shadow_

    OTC Developer [OTCv8]

    I need somebody to handle Asgard-Online Client : we want to install The following modules: Web Based Modules : Wiki Module : [Sketch WIKI from WEB] Gets info and sketches the main page and you can move between [Asgard-OT Wiki (https://asgard-ot.fandom.com)] pages easily through it and get the...
  5. Shadow_

    Somebody to write Referral system for myaac

    Hello, As the title says i need web developer to write referral system PHP side and I can manage the server side coding, if you are interested MSG me on discord : Carcoo#2914
  6. Shadow_

    OTClient Aura Placement

    Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to change the aura placement to be the highest object on the player [higher than wings,mount,outfit,addons] because currently it looks like this while auras should look like this PS : i got both those auras and both are under the player so i guess...
  7. Shadow_

    Segmentation Fault from player:getStorageValue()

    Hello, I really need assistance here as im getting a crash from the function like this case. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42985164/getting-sigsegv-in-stdmap-when-using-find-function bt without symbols warning: Section `.reg-xstate/9545' in core file too small. #0 0x000055fd9209ed8c in...
  8. Shadow_

    Spriter to import auras in OBD files

    I'm searching for a spriter to add 16 aura in OBD format [It is the file format that you get after doing export from object builder], those 16 aura consists of 1019 PNG image, they are not scaled to fit object builder so they needs re-scaling which can be done by OBJ tools, hit me on discord if...
  9. Shadow_

    C++ Reset skull ticks for skulled [red/black] players after 24 hrs from last kill

    i made a new variable to add in it the constant value of skull ticks at the moment the player did the last kill, frag_time is 24 hours too, so what am i doing wrong here makes it doesn't reset after 24hrs for skulled players void Player::addUnjustifiedDead(const Player* attacked) { if...
  10. Shadow_

    Programmer Hiring a programmer to change Asgard-Online User Interface [OTCV8]

    Hello, I need a programmer to change OTCV8 UI, i have some UIs needs professional to implement them by changing the UI & all the client modules, add me on discord for more info Carcoo#2914.
  11. Shadow_

    OVH are messing up?

    Hey, Most of us uses ovh as a known servers company and ranked as the third world wide, but am i the only one who thinks they are really messing up with their systems since the fire started on of their datacenters, in the last month my dedicated server has been unreachable by 25% of the world...
  12. Shadow_

    Programmer Hiring Programmer to solve 110 CPU Usage

    i need somebody to help me get rid of this issue as soon as possible, https://otland.net/threads/c-monster-onwalk-40-cpu-linux-cpu-110.277186/#post-2665745 add me on discord so we can start right away Carcoo#2914
  13. Shadow_

    C++ C++ Monster::onWalk 40% CPU // Linux CPU 110%

    hey, i really don't get it because there isn't any lua script related to player/monsters movement, what might force it to be that high
  14. Shadow_

    Never Use OTSLIST.EU countdown

    Hey, this thread is to warn anybody from advertising through otslist.eu, i did a purchase of 300 coins, bought 2 days of countdown, after 45 mins it got removed, i tried to contact them using their not functioning support system, i couldn't even add an issue because the verification recaptcha is...
  15. Shadow_

    Solved Monster levels system attack in health more than mana

    Hello everyone, i disabled all health and mana change functions, brought 2 characters same level sorcerer and knight, and made a monster to damage of 1k min and max, the knight receive 1k (health) but the sorcerer received 500? I thought it might be something with vocations or creaturescripts...
  16. Shadow_

    [France] [Custom] Asgard-Online Season: Valhalla HighRates [Starts 1/6 18:00 GMT]

    Hello, finally after months of reworking AsgardOT V4 we are happy to announce that Asgard-Online VX has reached the point that we been trying to achieve since 2018, create your account before 10/7/2021 to receive points and enjoy our exclusive content! - Basic Information - ● Website ...
  17. Shadow_

    [PAID JOB] Hiring Tutorials Writer for WIKI

    Hello, I want to hire somebody to write tutorials about everything in my server. Your job is to-do the following: 1) Making tutorial about all quests that is not in Quests Room. 2) Making tutorial about all systems in the server (EX. Upgrading system, Enchantments & Imbuements...
  18. Shadow_

    C++ Damage / Healing in Percent

    i'm trying to make the DMG/healing anything related to mana/health change to be in percent, so i did the following in game.cpp but i don't understand what im doing wrong to always get 0, more info in the screenshot In this screenshot i went from 100% to 0% and then move to 50% HP and...
  19. Shadow_

    Solved Succeed In Exceeding the HP/DMG limit, faced more issues

    hey, it would be nice to get help in this it been 2 days without luck, im trying to exceed the maximum amount of damage, health, mana i got it to work and i exceeded the maximum number for players and monsters but i found another issue that when i look on a monsters its health be -2083187634...
  20. Shadow_

    Feature Disable Effects Command

    Hey everybody, Most of you noticed what happened yesterday so it was just a miss understanding between me and the staff of otland so i decided to release this because it is frequently asked by players while it is so simple to do. This script is made for AsgardOT and wasn't going to make it...