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  1. Silba

    C++ [TFS 1.3] Where do items get their "(faster regeneration)" from?

    Hello :) I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why life ring, roh, soft boots etc all have (faster regeneration) when I look at them but my custom items with the same items.xml and movements.xml setup don't. I've *found the code literally responsible for adding "(faster...
  2. Silba

    Suggestion I can't see highlighted text using the shades of grey theme. Can it highlight a better colour?

    The highlight colour is almost the same colour as the text box. A lighter grey could be used perhaps? Edit: Just noticed this mostly (maybe only) happens when writing a post/comment. For other text it's a nice bright blue.
  3. Silba

    C++ [C++/Lua] Percentage level range for pvp-enforced exp instead of flat level range

    Hello I would like to modify the source code or create a script which will allow me to set the level range for pvp-enforced experience to be based on a percentage rather than the normal level range which never changes. Right now in config.lua I have expFromPlayersLevelRange = 80 and this is...
  4. Silba

    [OTHire 7.72] Attack speed bug while enemy is not moving.

    Hello, i'm using the latest OTHire 7.72 and when shooting an enemy that is moving my attack speed is normal I think(200ms) and when attacking a non-moving target it is slow. In vocations.xml attack speed is set to 200, when attacking the non-moving target the attack speed appears to be 1 second...
  5. Silba

    [France][7.6] Bygone Illusion - Authentic old-school illusion 7.6 server

    Website: www.bygone.ml Client: Custom client Hosted in France on a dedicated server. This is an original 7.6 Illusion running the same files that were used 13+ years ago, vital for it to feel and play just like it did 13 years ago but with some important changes: Custom client so the client...
  6. Silba

    OTClient How to change the default client settings?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering how to change the default settings on otclient so when I share the client with people they don't need to edit too much in the settings. Any help is appreciated, thank you :)
  7. Silba

    Exodus 7.6 map converted to 8.6

    Hello, I would like to share a very nostalgic map that I took the time to upgrade from 7.6 to 8.6. The map is 99% unchanged, the only changes are some borders and invalid IDs of things that no longer exist in 8.6. Everything else was a 1:1 conversion and is as it was originally. I don't have...
  8. Silba

    Why are modified backpacks so rare?

    The last time I remember playing a server with a backpack that can hold more than default was about 6 years ago, it could hold 50 items. Why is this not done more often? I have played many servers that are littered with backpacks because people require dozens per hunt for loot and supplies. Is...
  9. Silba

    How can we discourage botting?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to open a discussion about botting and how to discourage it. I see many servers, especially oldschool that are "anti-bot" but the reality is that these servers thrive because of bots and the relevant people are usually quite stupid in their enforcement. Yes that's a bold...
  10. Silba

    Mappers, how do you plan your world layout?

    Hello, I've been developing a map on and off for years and have never had any clear direction. I've just mapped what I wanted at the time, made it look good and consistent with the rest of my map and that's it. My map is growing outwards from my only city so far and while it's fun I'm definitely...
  11. Silba

    Help me add new config.lua entries to the source (tfs 1.3 nekiro 8.6 downport)

    Hello i'd like some new config.lua entries. I've taken a look myself and i think i've got an idea but could someone give me an example on how this process works and how to correctly reference and add everything? I really just want to skip the trial and error since compiling takes a while on my...
  12. Silba

    want level up to give percentage of max mana/hp instead of full [TFS 1.3 8.6 downgrade by nekiro]

    Hello, if im correct i can comment out 2 lines in the source in player.cpp health = healthMax; mana = manaMax; then use an lua script to deal with adding % of max hp/mana on level up? I want to fine tune this so having to compile every time i make a change is not acceptable. Could someone...
  13. Silba

    Znote not finding my config and cant create character

    Hello ! Despite my best efforts, I can't solve these issues and there's no relevant information to be found on this forum or google (atleast, i couldnt find it). Fist problem is Znote wont find my config.lua when i try to access the "Server Information" page online. Here's my path settings...
  14. Silba

    Lua Make server spawn an item at xyz for x amount of time on random intervals

    Hey guys.. How would i go about adding a script to my server (tfs 0.3.6) which would automatically and preferably randomly spawn an item at a certain position on the map? I've got a cool new idea and it would be great to be able to spawn the item in automatically instead of manually! Help...
  15. Silba

    Windows Looking for the latest stable tfs distro and some other related help

    Hey guys, I've searched otland and the github but I can't work out how to get the very latest stable Official TFS distro.. I found the source on the github but I didn't know if it was a dev build or not... Could somebody point me in the right direction to the latest official stable TFS Distro...
  16. Silba

    Custom exhaustion and remove charges

    Hey guys. I've got a custom rune on my server which surrounds the target with wild growth and since it is overpowered to be able to use it every 2 seconds i need to add a custom exhaust that also wont exhaust other offensive spells/runes to it so it can't be spammed and also since my server...