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  1. Shalaby

    How to install Vulkan Libaries

    Hi, I recently installed Parrot OS 5.0 aka (Parrot OS 5.0 (Electro Ara)) Latest Debian version, and decided to install Lutris I'm aware that Lutris uses Vulkan libraries but how could I install them? I have RTX 3050 GPU how can I make it work? I need some tips on it if someone knows how to...
  2. Shalaby

    Searching for a duo to climb EUW LOL

    Searching for a duo to smurf and have fun in bronze (hard stuck account and bad MMR) EUW If interested.
  3. Shalaby

    JavaScript / CSS - Menu System

    Does anyone know of a similar menu system to this which works well across most browsers and mobile browsers? I have it working but It doesn't work well on IE and is choppy on Firefox. ~EDIT~ Sorry, I didn't realize I couldn't ask for something similar to the work I have seen elsewhere. The...
  4. Shalaby

    Fix/Patch Fixing playerAcceptTrade crash

    Hi, after debugging the Evolutions XML sources finally I found the bug that accused crashing the most 810 servers and I guess it is caused by executing this function even when the trade hasn't been successful too many times so I decided to add an if statement to allow and disallow trade before...
  5. Shalaby

    Windows Crash debug log

    Hi, I have compiled TFS 1.4.1 and in my server, someone is crashing my server continuously so I decided to compile the TFS in debug mode and this is the error log this is the output:- https://pastebin.com/wmCx6SnP this the error log:- https://pastebin.com/UgcQnSz7
  6. Shalaby

    Lua Strange Damage

    Hi, In my server I was using this script at my old 0.3.7 server as a spell rune at the same time some monster casts this spell, I encountered an issue that when the monster cast this spell the player dies with huge numbers I mean the damage taken from this monster, not the same that I...
  7. Shalaby

    Compiling Running TFS 1.4 in debug mode

    Greetings, I was trying to run TFS 1.4.1 in debug mode using visual studio 2022 it stuck at loading Lua scripts and it doesn't launch properly. Am I missing something?
  8. Shalaby

    TFS 1.X+ Converting from 0.3.7 to 1.4.1

    Greetings, I was using this in my 0.3.7 TFS tried to convert it to 1.4.1 I know 1.4.1 supports 0.4 functions libs but for some reason, it doesn't work there's no error in the console or anything happen in the game. It works when u step out in some position it removes some item in some position...
  9. Shalaby

    TFS 1.X+ Printing storage value in OnLook event

    Hi, I have this script local config = { [2361] = {damageincrease = 5}, -- frozen starlight = 5% extra damage [2123] = {damageincrease = 10} -- ring of the sky = 10% extra damage } function onEquip(player, item, slot, isCall) if isCall == false then...
  10. Shalaby

    Solved Zombie event [Player doesn't receive the reward]

    Hi, lately I have installed this Zombie event and for some reason, I encountered a problem the player doesn't receive the reward after winning the event I have tried to double-check my depot/inventory I found nothing and there are no errors in the console using Tfs 1.4.1 10.98. This my script...
  11. Shalaby

    RevScripts Zombie Event [Players doesn't die]

    Hello, I have installed this zombie event using revscript by @Snavy but there's something blocking the player from dying what am I missing here? using TFS 1.4.1. here's my script local function secondsToReadable(s) local hours = math.floor(s / 3600) local minutes =...
  12. Shalaby

    Solved Connection failed 10061

    Hi, I got an error with The forgotten server 1.4 Connection failed 10061 can't connect from my localhost "my personal PC" it stuck at character list doesn't let me in and it works from my virtual machine. 1640446768 SOLVED!! change the ip from your config to localhost
  13. Shalaby

    Lua disabling drop loot for some vocations.

    Greetings, how do I disable the dropping loot for some vocations, and at the same time if they have red skull they lose their items? Using TFS 1.4.1
  14. Shalaby

    OTClient How to change the background resolution.

    Hi, Using the latest OTClient how could I change the background dimension resolution to give better quality? While changing my background to another for example 1920x1080 it doesn't work. 1639694004 Solved! otclient/background.otui at 5cc9319a94c5102b2995c64832f4f1a969562bff · edubart/otclient...
  15. Shalaby

    AAC Account Creation Znote AAC problem

    Hi, today I have installed @Znote AAC and this error suddenly pops up when I enter the website so I have changed the memory cache to false then while I'm creating the account it appears with a blank page and I don't know the reason. Using TFS 1.4/Latest the uniformserver. Edit: I can create an...
  16. Shalaby

    Complaint Need to to talk to some moderator about some case

    It becomes really tiring this new attitude from support, especially since @ M0ustafa has been promoted. I don't care how much help he offers, but he acts like so lying around my forums and my Egys friends since the promotion he always lies and continues to lie in order to gain the sympathy of...
  17. Shalaby

    Programmer Looking for programmer to downgrade my tfs from protocol 860 to 810 ver 0.3.7

    Hello, I'm looking for a programmer to do this job for me. also editing somethings on the account manager I'ma trying to avoid OTClient so I need you to make it possible to log in via the normal cipsoft client. Payment through PayPal pm hm u want if you interested or contact me on discord...
  18. Shalaby

    Solved Downgrading the TFS to lowest client

    Could someone explain how to downgrade the TFS 0.4 protocol? for example from 860 to 811 or lower and how the RSA works with the client? also, shall I change the definition.h file withProtocol::XTEA_encrypt
  19. Shalaby

    TFS 1.X+ doPlayerSetLossPercent

    Trying to convert this script to 1.x but I don't know how to call it since 1.x doesn't support this function doPlayerSetLossPercent can someone rewrite it or gives some hint info how to call it in 1.x? local storage = 45001 function onPrepareDeath(cid) local vocation = getPlayerVocation(cid)...
  20. Shalaby

    C++ Where to find right click & left click in sources [walking with mouse]

    Hello where to find the responsible codes for walking with mouse clicks in the source files?