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  1. MrVilhelm

    Lua Tfs 1.4 crit system

    Hola amigos! 🐥 Im fairly new to Lua and Im trying to rap my head around how the TFS functions work etc. So I was planning on adding a simple crit chance + crit damage system. So I thought that was a good place to start! But Im running into some problems (error free). I wrote this in...
  2. MrVilhelm

    OTClient OTC not loading the map correctly

    Hello folks! Im using this otc made by @Mehah and everything was working fine up until now just recently. For some reason the map doesnt load correctly When I walk far enough to one direction (so that a part of the map unloads, then when I walk back the map doesnt load correctly), see imgs...
  3. MrVilhelm

    AAC Making my own layout

    Hey everyone! 🤓🖐 Long time no see I've been invested in webdevelopment for about 2 years now and Im getting quite good at it (IMO). So coding the website + making the styling etc aint the problem. But the PHP and connecting the website to the database is. Im feeling very overwhelmed by...
  4. MrVilhelm

    OTClient Compiling, do I need to use VS17 or is it possible with VS19?

    Im getting this error using VS19 And I cant really find what the problem is. The only thing I changed with the tutorial was using VS19 instead of VS17, does this matter?
  5. MrVilhelm

    Lua TFS 1.3 remove object on target.y offset

    Hiii me again, Im stuck at some coding again, and since you guys always help me out and teach me a lot of new stuff for every post I do, I will ask you for guidens! ^^ So basically I want to remove an item on my target offset. So I tried creating a variable like this : local activeTileGrid1 =...
  6. MrVilhelm

    Lua Check if target.x offset == an item

    Hi! Me again 🤓 ! So Im trying Lua again and Im trying to search for a target.x offset. basically what I want is that when you use an item anywhere the script checks if that position you used the item on - 9 x has an object on it. I tried this but got an error elseif (target.x - 9):getId() ==...
  7. MrVilhelm

    Lua Tfs 1.3 mining in lua

    Hi! Im a newbie ot dev and today I decided to test my wings in lua. Ehh well yea it didnt go as planned 😅 <action itemid="2382" script="tools/pickaxe.lua" /> local ore = 5880 local stone = 1358 function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if target ==...
  8. MrVilhelm

    Lua Npc advanced talking system TFS 1.3 REQUEST, PAYED IF NEEDED!

    Hey! I have a request, I've been using this system for years now but I recently upgraded my TFS from 1.2 to TFS 1.3 and that sadly broke the script. Im wondering if any of you awesome folks could take a look at it for me, payed if needed!
  9. MrVilhelm

    Tibia 12 creatures and outfits

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if there r some public sprite sheets with newer tibia creatures Ex of creature I'd like to use but that I dont have access to : Pit Battler and Pit Demon
  10. MrVilhelm

    Custom client with local ip

    Hey everyone! 🤓 Soo I was following this tutorial and everything was going great I made some quick domains at Free Dynamic DNS - Managed DNS - Managed Email - Domain Registration - No-IP (https://www.noip.com/) and used my What's my IP, ip in the ip target section. problem is that Im not able...
  11. MrVilhelm

    Looktype generator options

    Hey everyone! Ehh Im going to be shorthanded, if that makes sense o0 Im going to do a short post... Okay so I remember there being a working looktype generator on the webb, but the one I used to use seems to be down. What options do we have when it comes to looktypes, just trail and error...
  12. MrVilhelm

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs 1.2 Chest give item with an actionID

    Ye as the title says, I want a chest that gives a key with a certain actionID. Chest seem to work like this in tfs 1.2 ActionID: 2000 UniqueID: "Id of the item you want it to give"
  13. MrVilhelm

    10.98 Custom openworld MappingThread

    Hey! :D Ehm so I started mapping a little while back and personally I feel like Im not developing anymore. So I thought that I would post some of my work for you guys to judge 😁 Be meme dont be mean 👉👈 Just joking, Im hoping on getting some notes on what I can work a little extra on 😜 Heyy...