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  1. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

    that happens when u speak 3 languages, u often get confused.
  2. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

  3. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

    New Testing phase will be available starting tonight. discord and server will be available for everyone to join. Pre-launch Testing Server will be available now for public starting tonight. You can now test preview: new vocations new zones new tasks & quest new dungeon & dungeon boss...
  4. Nokturno

    Shadow’s Free scripting services

    what about an !invite, !join party talkaction, where player invites people via talkaction !invite player_x2 and the 2nd player recive a mesage like " player_XX has invite you to a party, to accept the invitation type !join player_xx" :)
  5. Nokturno

    RevScripts ❤ ℱ𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝒮𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓅𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒮𝑒𝓇𝓋𝒾𝒸𝑒 𝒯ℱ𝒮 𝟷.𝟻+ ❤

    Hello sarah, could you try making a !invite, !join talkaction for party invites? dont know if its hardcoded or not tbh. :)
  6. Nokturno

    Programmer Hacking, coding, OTCV8 bots -- SecurizeMe

    @kuhi It is sad to see how ppl treated your private thread. Ill suggest you stop replying non-related or hidden agressive posts. Otherwise the chain will be longer and longer. Cheers & good luck. I may hire u within the year.
  7. Nokturno

    Lua Otbr TFS 1.3 New vocation crash

    CLIENT_ID i think u are using 15 not 9 1659412721 <vocation id="9" clientid="15"
  8. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

    nightblade passive: DeathBringer will now deal 180% damage instead of 100% and recover from 14% - 17% of your max mana on proc. many spells & distance weapons were update with level factor multiplier (big buff) also classes such as dragonknights , nightblades, templars and warlocks should...
  9. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

    for all new players i updated the site with the new client build, for some reason the link didnt update before. you should be playing on Ascension 1.5 not 1.2
  10. Nokturno

    Ascecion Project [Beta Development]

    Ascension Project Custom RPG server on development Ascension Project (previously named Dreamsoul Project ) is a server that is oriented in the RPG elements of diferent games, unique ideas from some other sources and wonderful playstyle that i hope must of you will enjoy Server is currently On...
  11. Nokturno

    Compiling Export outfits in Object Builder

    I think ob 0.5.3 supports both atm
  12. Nokturno

    User kaspar appears to be working for the competitor and to my detriment

    Well at least this thread is a good ad
  13. Nokturno

    Abuse from OVH

    Same exact issue here. @Trinoria if u found a solution please let me know
  14. Nokturno

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    im currently using i think a 1.2 release version (mehah), some modules do not load ongamestart need to be reloaded manually from module manager, but the current mehah client does loads those same modules. couldnt find the commits related to that change. does someone knows something about this?
  15. Nokturno

    Spell [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells

    you are right im using doTargetCombatHealth, that should be fine? 1644788996 well it ended up working thks mate, awesome spell btw
  16. Nokturno

    Spell [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells

    Im using 1.3 pre-revscripts
  17. Nokturno

    Spell [TFS 1.3] Skillshot spells

    sup @Azakelis i just tried the script and im getting this nil value from doTargetCombat Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: (Unknown scriptfile) data/spells/scripts/warden/earth_wave.lua:10: attempt to call global 'doTargetCombat' (a nil value) stack traceback...
  18. Nokturno

    LF a Server/otc developer

  19. Nokturno

    Looking for merge

    Looking for someone to apply the necesary changes into a tfs 1.3 custom build for otclient v8 full compatibility. Msge me Nokturno#1627