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  1. hellboy

    Compiling [OTC] missing: Protobuf_INCLUDE_DIR

    Hello. I tried compile Mehah OTC on Ubuntu 20.04. https://github.com/mehah/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Ubuntu-20.04 It failed on cmake command. I also "regenerated" protobuf files. cmake .. -- The C compiler identification is GNU 9.4.0 -- The CXX compiler identification is GNU 11.1.0 -- Check...
  2. hellboy

    It's possible to filter support threads using solved/unsolved value?

    It's possible to filter support threads using solved/unsolved value?
  3. hellboy

    Compiling Compiling TFS 1.3 on CentOS 8

    Hello. TL;DR I tried compile TFS 1.3 on CentOS 8 based on this wiki page: https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-CentOS SELinux is enabled. cmake throw: -- Performing Test COMPILER_KNOWS_STDLIB - Failed Longer answer So far I created bash script: #!/bin/bash set -e #...
  4. hellboy


    Yesterday I saw this commit: revscriptsys (#2558) · otland/[email protected] (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/commit/62dac47c01610f652a5d792d4c9e06f4f0febefa) 1. There is any additional documentation about this? Last time I heard about revscriptsys few years ago (I guess in...
  5. hellboy

    OTClient [TFS 1.x] Can't login into TFS 1.2

    Hello. I can't login into TFS 1.2 inside VirtualBox. Details: * VirtualBox have 2 network interfaces (one NAT and one hostonly) * In VirtualBox I use Ubuntu 18.04 * Inside Ubuntu UFW is disabled * TFS 1.2 console don't show any errors * OTClient build 0.6.6, Rev 0 (df422c0) * OTClient...
  6. hellboy

    When TFS 1.3 will be released?

    When TFS 1.3 will be released? As I can see it completed most milestones to 1.3 ( otland/forgottenserver ) And I don't see there any information about Roadmap for TFS 1.3. I see only this: otland/forgottenserver
  7. hellboy

    TFS and OTX

    There is any kid of comparision matrix or so? Why OTX creators forked TFS?
  8. hellboy

    Lua Particular monster on spawn in map

    It's possible to fire lua script on spawn one monster type in map (using only monster xml file and lua)?
  9. hellboy

    Compare map files

    Is there any simple way to compare every sqm in two otbm files an show differences as list of positions? Something like diff for txt files.
  10. hellboy

    Compilation on windows 7 with Visual Studio 2015

    I guess "register_otclient_boost_env.bat" doesn't work at all in my case. (I run it as regular user and as administrator). I followed this guide: Compiling on Windows · edubart/otclient Wiki · GitHub 1>------ Rebuild All started: Project: otclient, Configuration: Release x64 ------ 1>cl ...
  11. hellboy

    Lua onGainExperience for summons

    It's possible to get experience "gained" by summon, when it done any dmg, but someone else killed target? As I can see in events.cpp onGainExperience is set only for metatable "Player". In creatureevent.cpp I see preparedeath, death, kill. onPrepareDeath(creature, killer) onDeath(creature...
  12. hellboy

    Editing posts

    Why it's not possible to edit my own posts and threads in resources subforum? Actions, MoveEvents & TalkActions I need possibility too update first few posts.
  13. hellboy

    [TFS 1.2] Pet system

    Some time ago I found core scripts from old pet system for TFS 0.3.6 (Pet System - Talk Actions and Spells), and yesterday I finished rewriting it to TFS 1.2. Features: pet channel summon pet on join channel unsumon pet on leave channel scripted pet die / revive / release / catch / heal pet...
  14. hellboy

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.2] Hunger system

    I rewrote my old hunger system from TFS 0.3.6 to TFS 1.2. Old version for 0.3.6 (with aggresive dmg) https://otland.net/threads/hunger-system-tfs-mod-or-manual.60952/#post-657446 CHANGES - added ignored players list - rewrite to metatable (I know it's still could be better...) - merged onThink...
  15. hellboy

    Solved [TFS 1.2] Non aggressive dmg

    I tried do sth like this: function doDmg(player) local conditionInFightBeforeHungerDmg = player:getCondition(CONDITION_INFIGHT, CONDITIONID_DEFAULT) doTargetCombatHealth(0, player, COMBAT_UNDEFINEDDAMAGE, -hunger.dmgAmount, -hunger.dmgAmount, CONST_ME_NONE) ---...
  16. hellboy

    Solved [TFS 1.2] Creaturescript onThink interval ignored

    I created script onThink in creature events and registered it inside onLogin <event type="think" interval="5000" name="Hunger" script="hunger.lua" /> function onThink(creature, interval) print(interval) return true end And it print 1000 every second (it should print 5000 every 5...
  17. hellboy

    Solved TFS 1.0 don't load onStepIn with uid?

    onAddItem work like a charm, but onStepIn looks like is never used by engine (when I step in on this item, I don't get any warning or additional print. I should get 'Step In' in console) xml file <movevent event="AddItem" tileitem="1" uniqueid="1000"...
  18. hellboy

    Boarders and CONST_PROP_MOVEABLE

    Why boarders have moveable property? o_O for i = 1, 10 do local tempItem = tile:getThing(i) if tempItem == nil then break elseif tile:hasProperty(CONST_PROP_MOVEABLE, tempItem) then print(i..' '..tempItem:getId()) end end Example output: 1...
  19. hellboy

    Old TFS sources

    Where I can find TFS 0.3 sources? I remember there was link to repository somwhere here.
  20. hellboy

    Solved Default password hashing/encryption?

    Today I compiled and configured newest TFS, after that I tried to make some test account. insert into accounts(name, password) values('test', 'test'); Client return information "Bad password or login", so I tried MD5 update accounts set password=MD5('test'); with same effect. How TFS store...