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  1. Felipe93

    [Bug] TFS 1.4+ InitDamage attribute in fields doesn't work properly.

    b<ck to the point does anybody knows how to change these new commits in order to reproduce the old 7.72 or 7.4 behavior?
  2. Felipe93

    Lua SD not reaching invisible creatures OTX2

    you are using an old repository all the bugs that you're are menthioning were solved mate, in repo 772 /8.6
  3. Felipe93

    Erro Script Premium End go Temple

  4. Felipe93

    TFS 0.X TP to templo If no free sqm

    i saw this from kay " That's not true. You never could tp yourself using furniture stuff in real tibia. Only other creatures and immoble objects. If you want to change it regardless of the above: it's in map.cpp file, PlaceCreature() function. This line I believe:" how to make possible to...
  5. Felipe93

    Programmer 7.72 tfs 0.4 fix bug gm invisible walking through players

    i've solved that issue too check otx commits
  6. Felipe93

    TFS 0.X TP to templo If no free sqm

    How would be for tfs 1.x?
  7. Felipe93

    TFS 0.X NPC with another NPC's speech

    Simply get few codes from othire sources in npc.cpp add it to your files and replace libraries with othire ones I fixed that issue for otx2 in ver 2.9 check for commits.
  8. Felipe93

    C++ - Addon system added TFS 1.X - 772

  9. Felipe93

    TFS 1.X+ kick problem when activating ping option in otc tfs 1.5 otv8

    search for those functions in here, you need to edit a lot of files https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver
  10. Felipe93

    TFS 1.X+ kick problem when activating ping option in otc tfs 1.5 otv8

    you need to add ping and pong to your server sources
  11. Felipe93

    Nostalrius 7.7

    Thanks panther on attacking and where else?
  12. Felipe93

    Nostalrius 7.7

    where should i check for attack intervals ? i want to add this feature to nekiro's downgraded server
  13. Felipe93

    Found this recently hope you enjoy :) OTCv8 + Sources

    why isn't this being used or added to the forum's github
  14. Felipe93

    Nekiro 1.5 bugged waves in front of the wall

    just add this to the spells in spells. xml mark this as solution the code should goes before script="attack/added/terra_strike.lua">(script) blocktype="solid" blockwalls="1"
  15. Felipe93

    Programmer Jerop's Services

    the problem boy, is that it's not me boy hahaha XD FACEPALM you get confused, i'm glad that i didn't deal with you
  16. Felipe93

    Programmer Jerop's Services

    uhh goodness that i saw this thread this guy was trying to sell me a code and the said that it wil took him 7 to 10 days to create it dxdd it was add virtual inventory to monster so they can wear the items that monster will drop on death, ofc this will increase defense or strenght in monster...
  17. Felipe93

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    where did you added that? i have this but nothing else related to ifhasfollowpath void Monster::onFollowCreatureComplete(const Creature* creature) { if (creature) { auto it = std::find(targetList.begin(), targetList.end(), creature); if (it != targetList.end()) {...
  18. Felipe93

    Programmer Looking for C++ coder/scripter - monster spawn with loot 7.4 feature.

    Sent you a message + friendship request
  19. Felipe93

    Monster drop simulator - tool for game balance.

    Where the sources are?