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  1. Acubens

    [Canada] [ 7.72+/ Custom] Ardera | YurOTS Inspired - 26.11.2022 20:00 UTC (Saturday)!

    Launch Date: 26 November 20:00 UTC [ Server Info ] Location: Canada Version: 7.72 base updated with 8.0 features. PVP Type: PVP | Guild VS Guild PVP-E (Automatic) Website: Latest News - Ardera.org (https://ardera.org) Discord: Here [ Features & Gameplay ] Unique YurOTS map detailed (Retro)...
  2. Acubens

    Scripter [Paid]

    I'm looking for a scripter with free time to create scripts, i'm scripter but my time is very short at week. What need this scripter? Must have knownlegde on what he is doing.  Good skills to catch all the ideas to implement it. English language, spanish or portuguese as native or secondary...
  3. Acubens

    OTCv8 Simple Module

    Im looking for a scripter to make a single modification to screen message module, pm me.
  4. Acubens

    Looking for web designer to make a template.

    Please contact me with Portfolio on Discord LuisR#9288
  5. Acubens

    C++ Feature

    I'm looking for coder to enable players on no pvp or under protection level canwalkthrough players on 7.72 protocol. Contact me vía PM.
  6. Acubens

    Looking for OTCv8 module developer

    Im looking to make some new modules for my server, contact me via PM ill give all the details.
  7. Acubens

    Los invito a mi proyecto =]

    Saludos amigos uy! hace años que no publico en esta area jeje, vengo a invitarlos a mi proyecto Ardera.org 7.4 si alguien le interesa participar en la beta, actualmente pueden loguear con 1/1 y jugar en modo pvp-e como los viejos tiempos :P Acá tengo un tema del actual desarrollo del servidor...
  8. Acubens

    Ardera (YurOTS 7.4+) | Development Thread

    Welcome to Ardera.org 7.4 - Development Thread Discord: Join the Ardera.org 7.4 - YurOTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/qHabvgUzZh) Website: Ardera.org Greetings to all my friends in this community, this time I want to talk and show my latest project and its continuous development, I...
  9. Acubens

    Lua Add own condition value inside onLogin?

    I dont find the method to put this to work, i created function outside onLogin but is the same, it says "condition parameters only can be loaded with the script" local conditionMaxHealth = createConditionObject(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) setConditionParam(conditionMaxHealth...
  10. Acubens

    [Canada][10.98] YurOTS Online | Custom Server Start July 3 17:00 UTC

    Hello Otland friends, this time I want to invite you to play this server that I have been working on for a long time! This server was based on the classic Yurez (YurOTS) server, with an extensive update to the map adding many new cities and areas, new systems were also added, some of them added...
  11. Acubens

    Strange error on terminal at login

    Someone haven been fixed this error? im using latest TFS this happen after server runs for some hours, i can login and select player, player spawn and i got this.
  12. Acubens

    TFS 1.X+ AddItemEx(clon) not appear but the script says i recieve it xD

    Hello guys i got a problem today im trying use item:clone() to copy item but look, if use this local clone = containerItem:clone() if(containerItem:remove()) if(player:addItemEx(clone)) then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, ">> [Autoloot]: You looted the item.")...
  13. Acubens

    [TFS 1.3] Rewrite a system (learning) Roulette system

    Im triying to make a similar system from scratch (learning) but i cant make the items move, sometimes i got a infinite loop and other thing is moveTo function recieve a nil position, this is my current code using TFS 1.3 what i can do to make this code better? any tips? thanks have good...
  14. Acubens

    Extended Opcodes using revscriptsys [TFS 1.3] not executed why?

    I using this same script on my old server but now in TFS 1.3 [Latest] using revscriptsys says this. ERROR: Unable to send extended opcode 52, extended opcodes are not enabled on this server Whats wrong there? i register it on login event but nothing change, thanks if someone help! =) --...
  15. Acubens

    C++ Delay from monster attack when players change floor.

    Im using OThire but there is a problem on monsters, if a player use stairs monsters dont attack him until pass almost 2 seconds, this is not good because if theres a boss near stairs people abuse, shoot sd up and down xD. Someone know where i can see the code where player change floor and is...
  16. Acubens

    How-to login as root in your vps if you cant

    Login normaly in your vps then write on your console sudo su - After that then you have access as root then write on your console passwd That is for add password for root user After that now edit your sshd_config using nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config And look for PermitRootLogin And set it to...
  17. Acubens

    Outfit selection

    Im using protocol 7.72 and outfits id for male and female are showing in a row, is possible make selection outfit in otclient with my own custom outfit selection? someone have any example or where i can start this? thanks in advance.
  18. Acubens

    C++ Crash sending animatedText in monsters.cpp

    Its me again with a new question ;D well im triying to use g_game.addAnimatedText using item position when is created in createLootItem method inside monsters.cpp but im getting crash when monster generates the loot and touch this part of the code. In monsters.cpp i added extern Game g_game...
  19. Acubens

    C++ Why attribute value isn't updated in game?

    Im trying to add durability system to items, im using OTHire sources, but the lua function idk why isn't working, im not expert in c++ but im trying to do the best xD Function in ItemAttribute class: void setDurability(uint16_t n) {setIntAttr(ATTR_ITEM_DURABILITY, n); } Function added to item...
  20. Acubens

    How to do this?