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  1. lopez65

    [TFS 1.4] Boosted Creatures

    hello Is there any guide on how to add more monsters, loot rate and extra loot, it would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. lopez65

    Teleport item TFS 1.3

    in RevScripts for Tfs 1.4
  3. lopez65

    Teleport item TFS 1.3

    hello, you can put it so that instead of going to the temple he goes to his house. Thank you edit: ok I already found one for my version TFS 1.4
  4. lopez65

    Spawn monster

    this is what you need?
  5. lopez65

    Add Monsters

    maybe this will help you
  6. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    Xikini Having forgotten everything else, looking for what you told me to add or create them, I found these three scripts in an OTBr 12.86 version: now the error is in Onlogin.lua: Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] C:\otserv\data\scripts\creaturescripts\familia\on_login.lua:callback...
  7. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    the scripts is the one for summoning the pets at level 200 and that one comes on all the servers and it is this: local familiar = { [VOCATION.CLIENT_ID.SORCERER] = {id = 994, name = "Sorcerer familiar"}, -->Thundergiant [VOCATION.CLIENT_ID.DRUID] = {id = 993, name = "Druid familiar"}...
  8. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    I have deleted those three lines from family.lua and now I get this error: Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface] C:\otserv\data\scripts\creaturescripts\others\familia.lua:callback C:\otserv\data\scripts\creaturescripts\others\familia.lua:47: attempt to call method 'hasfamilia' (a nil value)...
  9. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    Hello sir Could you be a little more explicit, that is, how to add or remove it. thanks for your answer.
  10. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    hello I am trying to create a few second family summons and I get this error: The Demon Helmet Server - Version: (TFS 1.4) Compiled with: Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.2 x64 Linked with LuaJIT 2.0.5 for Lua support A server developed by Mark Samman and The Forgotten Server Developers >>...
  11. lopez65

    [Znote AAC] Most Creature Killers

    help with this line > 38 <?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; /* Script by zonet. Converted to ZnoteAAC by HalfAway. */ // Creature array (name + storage). $kills = array( 'dragon' => 9541, 'dragon lord' => 9542...
  12. lopez65

    Most Creature Killers

    can someone convert this script to creaturescripts and an event in login.lua for TFs 1.4 https://otland.net/threads/most-creature.238268/ tranks
  13. lopez65

    website email MYACC verification

    config.php/htdocs // mail 'mail_enabled' => false, // is aac maker configured to send e-mails? 'mail_address' => '[email protected]', // server e-mail address (from:) 'mail_admin' => '[email protected]', // admin email address, where mails from contact form will be sent...
  14. lopez65

    website email MYACC verification

    Hello friends, I am trying to configure the MYACC email verification system. ------------------------------------------------------- my steps: Create an account in gmail, then enter your account and go to settings, then forwarding and POP/IMAP mail, activate "Enable POP for all messages (even...
  15. lopez65

    vBot extensions

    hello Can someone explain to me the steps a little clearer that are seen in this example AutoLoader- vBot extensions#75 This allows you to drag and drop extensions into vBot without editing the vBot cavebot.lua file to load them. Find tile CONFIGNAME\vBot\cavebot.lua Find...
  16. lopez65

    [TFS 1.3] [Revscriptsys] Free Lua scripting service - Post your requests! Let's learn it together!

    can someone help me with this script thanks ------------ local config = { ["1"] = {n = 1}, } function onTextEdit(cid, item, newText) if item.uid == 15000 and item.itemid == 9825 then -- add the unique id in the lever local x = config[newText] if x then for i =...
  17. lopez65

    monster lever

    Xikini thanks for the correction but now when i use the lever it shows no errors but does nothing .uid == 15000 I put that in map editor in uid no aid
  18. lopez65

    monster lever

    Reloaded: scripts. > palanca_rotwords.lua [error] ^ ...serv\data\scripts\actions\custom\palanca_rotwords.lua:11: unexpected symbol near '{' my edit of line 11 ------> local pos{x=32339, y=32215, z=7}
  19. lopez65

    monster lever

    Hello friends I have got this script here in otland but it does not work for me my TFS is 1.4, if you can add 1 second of exhausted that would be great and yes it may be possible to make as many monsters as the player wants my errors in console with the current script > palanca_rotwords.lua...