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  1. lopez65

    Summons familiars

    hello I am trying to create a few second family summons and I get this error: The Demon Helmet Server - Version: (TFS 1.4) Compiled with: Microsoft Visual C++ version 14.2 x64 Linked with LuaJIT 2.0.5 for Lua support A server developed by Mark Samman and The Forgotten Server Developers >>...
  2. lopez65

    Most Creature Killers

    can someone convert this script to creaturescripts and an event in login.lua for TFs 1.4 https://otland.net/threads/most-creature.238268/ tranks
  3. lopez65

    website email MYACC verification

    Hello friends, I am trying to configure the MYACC email verification system. ------------------------------------------------------- my steps: Create an account in gmail, then enter your account and go to settings, then forwarding and POP/IMAP mail, activate "Enable POP for all messages (even...
  4. lopez65

    vBot extensions

    hello Can someone explain to me the steps a little clearer that are seen in this example AutoLoader- vBot extensions#75 This allows you to drag and drop extensions into vBot without editing the vBot cavebot.lua file to load them. Find tile CONFIGNAME\vBot\cavebot.lua Find...
  5. lopez65

    monster lever

    Hello friends I have got this script here in otland but it does not work for me my TFS is 1.4, if you can add 1 second of exhausted that would be great and yes it may be possible to make as many monsters as the player wants my errors in console with the current script > palanca_rotwords.lua...
  6. lopez65

    Bomberman Event

    I get an error in the console at the end of the event [2022-28-05 14:37:48.612] [error] [ProtocolGame::sendTextMessage] - Message type is wrong, missing or invalid for player with name GOD, on position ( 32369 / 32241 / 7 ) using code: Action - [1.3] Bomberman 💣💥...
  7. lopez65

    C++ otservbr-global-develop ver.12.64 with RME

    hello I would like to know how to open the map of otservbr-global-develop ver.12.64 with RME. this comes out when i open the map, i use the spr and dat 1264 extracted from assets folder. thank you P.S. Sorry about the prefix, but there is no Remere prefix. ;)
  8. lopez65

    AAC ZNote ACC Characters samples

    hello I need the characters samples for ZNote ACC, that is, Sorcerer Sample, Druid SAmple...etc, can someone put the sql code here so I can copy it. thanks for your help in advance.
  9. lopez65

    Compiling Compiling this repository server

    282 / 5.000 hello I am trying to compile, which I do not even know how to do, this server that is in this repository, GitHub - cellss/OTServBR-Global: OTServBR-Global 10x and 12x for OpenTibia community. | Supported by: (https://github.com/cellss/OTServBR-Global) but it seems that mine is not...
  10. lopez65

    OTClient - CandyBot error

    hello i have this problem when i try to load candybot in my otclient 1264 ERROR: Unable to load module 'otclient_candybot': LUA ERROR: /otclient-candybot/modules/01-afk/events/creaturealert.lua:9: attempt to index global 'g_sounds' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function '__index'...
  11. lopez65

    Account or password incorrect

    Hello Hello there When I try to enter with the otclientdevelopBR for 12.64, it gives me the wrong account or password, I try it with the tibia 1064 normal and I enter without problems. I am playing it on I am using openserverBR 12.64 Tfs 1.3 windows 10 64bits php and mysql Uniserver...
  12. lopez65

    Mod mylitari rank

    hello friends would be possible this mod that asks for storage rank and if it is possible that the same ip does not count the frag Scrip: <?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <mod name = "Military Ranks" version = "1.0" author = "Teckman" enabled = "yes"> <config name =...
  13. lopez65

    vocation for sale

    Hello friends, I have a little doubt, try several days trying and I can not find the solution. I need to sell vocations on the web, the offers I can only make from phpadmin here I leave a sample. in the original way that it gives error in console -- Extraindo dados da tabela `z_shop_offer` --...
  14. lopez65

    Error Store Shop

    Hello friends I have a problem when you buy through the store on the web you do not receive any itemp nor vocaccion anything at all. if anyone can help me this is the error that comes to me. https://i.gyazo.com/c70a3a17f1e83c3c15fb025e26f46cef.png local SHOP_MSG_TYPE = MESSAGE_EVENT_ORANGE...
  15. lopez65

    ip change otc

    hello friends after several attempts I could not change the ip to otc someone can help me to not leave the option to choose server i enter directly?
  16. lopez65

    Windows znote search player error

    string(100) "SELECT SUM(`value`) AS `sum` FROM `player_storage` WHERE `key` LIKE '30___' AND `player_id`=(int)172" (query - SQL error) Type: select_single (select single row from database) You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for...
  17. lopez65

    Windows znote email activation

    hi i am trying to activate the hotmail in znote and extracted inside the folder htdocs https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/archive/master.zip aora l or next step is where i get lost that says canbie the folder name. Rename the folder to "PHPMailer". Then configure this with your SMTP mail...
  18. lopez65

    Windows Tibia 11 illegal value error(?)

    hello everyone i have a problem with my client 11 in mi otserv when i get to enter appears ilegal value error, someone can help me?
  19. lopez65

    Lua pvp sistem

    Hi Guys, I have a question since I do not want to create any errors. I want to put the red corpse every 6 black deaths every 10, lose frag every 4 hours the net skuls every week the removal and blak skul 1 month And this is my configuration: worldType = "pvp" HotkeyAimbotEnabled = true...
  20. lopez65

    image tibia 10.00

    Hi friends, I have a question, can you help me? config.lua coinPacketSize = 25 coinImagesURL = "Index of /store/64" tibiarl2.servegame.com/store/64 Ok I did in htdocs a folder store and within that one call 64 worth I put the images that I want to put 64x64 and it only gives 2 The images put...