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  1. poopsiedoodle

    Drisius' Map(ping and Mapping Accessories)

    it kinda seems like we're just looking at empty ground for the most part here 🤔🤔🤔
  2. poopsiedoodle

    Peroxide's Mapping Thread

    oh my godddddddddddd
  3. poopsiedoodle

    [France][Custom / 7.4] Ramonia | 1st of January 2022, 18:00 CET | Real Map & Custom | New Content

    ngl the map on this does not look great lots of squariness, lots of narrow paths, kinda just looks randomly cobbled together
  4. poopsiedoodle

    [GitHub] OpenTibia 10.98, Raspberry Pi, Docker

  5. poopsiedoodle

    The white city

    could just do imgur, no?
  6. poopsiedoodle

    Which server is the best Open Tibia server through history ?

    I really enjoyed Classicus and Danera because I was able to test my programming skills on making really simple bots for them, now everyone is using customized clients with anti-bot features and shit and I can’t even make a lighthack 😔
  7. poopsiedoodle

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    here's some 7.6 stuff I had done a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiile back that I'm not sure if I posted or not, been trying to get various people to use it in their servers but no one's biting rip had to do some screenshot merging to get this big of an image, but also had to merge because the bottom floor of...
  8. poopsiedoodle

    nice idea talaturen

  9. poopsiedoodle

    nice idea talaturen

  10. poopsiedoodle

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    coming in with some old work of mine when I was still okay-ish at spriting (forgive my usage of the attachments feature, I know the thumbnails are too big but I'm lazy)
  11. poopsiedoodle

    Sharps 2011 Mapping Pieces.

    dowbload link pplz
  12. poopsiedoodle

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - January Voting Thread

    oops jk I guess it was @Magnetico
  13. poopsiedoodle

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] - January Voting Thread

    wow still no jungle ruins from @macedoon
  14. poopsiedoodle

    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    holy shit I love this though oh hot damn hadn't seen this one yet, this shit is great my dude fuckin LOVE that ship smashed into the side of the building btw
  15. poopsiedoodle

    OtLand XenForo 2 and forum changes

    WOWWWWWW DARK THEME PLIX NICE IDEA TALATUREN but nah tho this all looks pretty good y'all are doing great <3
  16. poopsiedoodle

    100% handmade map inspired by old Relenica map **Still in Progress**

    looks pretty alright, but personally, I'd go with a different border than the gray stone one for that mountain
  17. poopsiedoodle

    [VOTING THREAD] Shittiest Mapper Contest!

    mmm u need tiger avesta realots yurot v9.87.45.128 for this sprit mens
  18. poopsiedoodle

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    hot damn I love that stairway
  19. poopsiedoodle

    [VOTING THREAD] Shittiest Mapper Contest!

    Congratulations to @DestinationSer I guess? might've been a different winner but I guess we weren't clear on how the "other" option was supposed to work Anyway, here's this really awful looking medal that I made by screenshotting a super zoomed-out bad map in RME to commemorate the winner of...
  20. poopsiedoodle

    Naruto New Story ! Showoff map !

    Why the hell are y'all arguing about server mechanics? This is a mapping thread. For mapping.