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    Premium account error

    Good morning, I'm migrating to TFS 1.5 and with that I'm aware that it changes the way the premium account is done. My database has the premium_ends_at column but when logging into the game all characters have 65000+ days of premium. In data\lib\core\player.lua I changed the script as it was in...
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    Respawn with player on screen TFS 1.5

    Has anyone done a tutorial for TFS 1.5 Respawn with player on screen and effect? I really need =D
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    !frags time doesn't change TFS 1.3

    Good morning, Does anyone know why the time doesn't change? !frags function onSay(player, words, param) local fragTime = configManager.getNumber(configKeys.FRAG_TIME) if fragTime <= 0 then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "You do not have any unjustified...
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    Command "/mute" for Tutor don't work

    Good afternoon, Does anyone know why the tutor can't use the /mute command? function onSay(player, words, param) local storage = 456112 if words == "/mute" then local mute = param:split(",") if mute[1] == nil or mute[1] == " " then...
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    How to protect my website

    Good morning, can someone help me protect my website? Because they are managing to get the gamemaster password and destroying the server! PLEASE!! I use Gesior, I don't know his version
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    Bug clone money in TFS 1.3 bank

    Someone is cloning money on my server through the bank, can someone help me?
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    Putting free account to use beds in houses

    Good afternoon, on my server I use the premium account system and I made the free account players able to buy their houses. However, free account owners who own houses cannot use the bed. Does anyone know where and how I can get free account players to use their beds?
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    Critical System TFS 1.3

    Good morning, i have this critical damage script and i would like the word "Critical!" appear as a one hit number. I don't know if I explained it right, the word "Critical!" should appear with the same animation as a normal hit. Can anyone help me with this? local config = { magic_effect =...
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    Monster.lua error

    Good morning, does anyone know why this error appeared, despite being working? function Monster:onDropLoot(corpse) if configManager.getNumber(configKeys.RATE_LOOT) == 0 then return end local player = Player(corpse:getCorpseOwner()) local mType = self:getType()...
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    Tradeoff 2.0 TFS 1.3+

    Good afternoon, I have this revscript "auction system" for TFS 1.3, however this error is occurring in the console when I run the command !tradeoff add, 500000. Could anyone help me to solve this problem? In case someone converts it to normal script, without being revscript so I can do a...
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    Autoloot TFS 1.3

    Good afternoon, can anyone help me with this error? This happens when I run the command wrong, ex: ( !autoloot,dwarven shield ), when the space would be with the comma, ( !autoloot, dwarven shield ). Could someone give me a solution so that this error no longer appears? autoloot.lua function...
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    [!] -> Invalid achievement TFS 1.3

    Good morning, could someone help me to solve the problem with this message on my TFS? This happens with all achievement.
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    TFS 1.3 System Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary Items

    Good morning, I have this Rare, Epic and Legendary system in monster drops. However, when I enchant the item, eg elemental, when I finish the enchant the item loses the Rare, Epic or Legendary attribute and goes back to being a normal item. Does anyone know how to solve?
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    Ring that increases loot rate TFS 1.3

    Good afternoon, can someone make a script for a Ring that increases the chance of dropping loot from monsters? You can use any ring as an example. Thank u!
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    Release missions on login.lua

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to make players who already play on the server win some missions and for future players who leave rookgaard too. I tried this way but it's not working, can anyone help me? if player:getVocation():getId() >= 1 and player:getLastLoginSaved() <= 1643547382 then...
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    [Brazil] [8.6] InWar Global - [Open PvP]

    www.inwar.com.br All quests Global 8.60!! Exp rate 50x stages Automatic Events Premium System Items Customs Exclusive Quests Exclusive City News Respawns Server host in Brazil www.inwar.com.br
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    Buy with backpack Problem

    Good afternoon, I'm not able to buy potions and runes with backpack on npc. Can someone help me? runes.lua: shopModule:addBuyableItemContainer({'bp avalanche'}, 2002, 2274, 3620,4, 'bp avalanche rune') shopModule:addBuyableItemContainer({'bp chameleon'}, 1998, 2291, 4220,1, 'bp...
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    Stamina Regen on trainer TFS 1.3 8.60

    Good morning, I have this script that recovers stamina in the trainer. I would like it to work like this: When the stamina is full, the message appears stating that it is full. I managed to make the message appear, but only when the player enters the trainer with full stamina staminaEvents = {}...
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    Purchase limit on npc

    Good morning, does anyone know how to increase the purchase limit on npc from 100 to 2000? Respecting the cap and money limit that is in the backpack. TFS 1.3
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    Scrolls error TFS 1.3

    good afternoon, I have these scripts that are several scrolls. A while ago a member helped me with this part: if player:hasAchievement("Marid Ally") or player:hasAchievement("Efreet Ally") then player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_STATUS_SMALL, "You have already chosen whom will be your...