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    TFS 1.X+ How can update spell based direction? OnTargetTile

    Hi, how can i update the direction of the the spell? function spellCallback(cid, position, count) if Creature(cid) then if count > 0 or math.random(0, 1) == 1 then position:sendMagicEffect(CONST_ME_HITBYFIRE) doAreaCombat(cid, COMBAT_FIREDAMAGE, position, 0...
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    OTClient v8 Transparent not same as old OTClient?

    Hi, i have enabled transparent in my spr and dat in Objectbuilder. Also enabled AlphaChannel in features.lua. So everything is loading fine. But in old otclient, i used to make for example a effect transparent through things.otml. But in OTClient v8 does not load things.otml. Can please someone...
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    RevScripts onItemMoved certain places

    Hi, I've come far as this: ec.onItemMoved = function(self, item, count, fromPosition, toPosition, fromCylinder, toCylinder) if item:getId() == 2400 then if fromPosition.x ~= CONTAINER_POSITION and toPosition.x == CONTAINER_POSITION or fromPosition.x == CONTAINER_POSITION and...
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    Tooltip display more than text?

    Hello, i would like to make the tooltip display more than text. E.g if i make otui for different tooltip displays. Where i have image to display in the tooltip and some text. Maybe next time i would have 2 images and text
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    TFS 1.X+ Select multiple rows in database

    Hi, i can't get this work. In only print one of the players level instead of multiple: db.asyncStoreQuery("SELECT `level` FROM `players` WHERE `id` IN (3, 4, 5, 6, 8)", function(resultId) if resultId then print(result.getNumber(resultId, "level")) end end) What i try to achive...
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    g_game.talkChannel does not work in npc channel

    Hi, i'm trying to send text to npc channel, but nothing happens. Anyone who can help me? g_game.talkChannel(MessageModes.NpcTo, 0, "trade")
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    Lua Lua delay, sleep, wait?

    Hi, I would like to stop a script for some time: delay(5) -- script pauses for 5 sec and then continues I have seen it on OtclientV8 but not in TFS 1.3
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    UIItem disable no tooltip

    Hi, I would like to know how i can still show tooltip, when item is disabled. Since when i set it to disable. Then it become gray and but the problem is that tooltip will not work if it's disabled. I like to show the item "disabled" but i still would like the tooltip work. Thanks
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    Hit whole stack [TFS 1.2]

    Hi, I wonder how can i make that for example SD damage a whole stack. Which means if 10 players are on eachother it should damage everyone expect the caster. I use tfs 1.2 Thanks
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    Lua Dream Challenge Quest Pillow Riddle error (By Teckman)

    Hi, i use teckman script to riddle the pillows but i get error: Lua Script Error: [MoveEvents Interface] data/movements/scripts/dreamer challenge quest/dreamerChallengeQuestRiddle.lua:o nStepIn LuaScriptInterface::luaDoTeleportThing(). Thing not found stack traceback: [C]: in function...
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    0.2 npc yell exsist?

    Hi, i added this into towncryer that he yell words, but doesnt work. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <npc name="Towncryer" script="data/npc/scripts/default.lua" walkinterval="2000" floorchange="0"> <health now="100" max="100"/> <look type="131" head="95" body="86" legs="10"...
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    Happy Birthday Printer!

    Happy Birthday Printer! hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Solved Solved!

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    How to check highest skill?

    hi, i wonder how can i check a player highest skill betweeen axe, sword and club. if the example sword is highest skill he have then it should add a sword item. thanks! Rep!
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    Level Up Get item!

    Hi i want a script configureable, when player level 20 depending vocation he get a weapon, then level 40 money, then level 60 depending vocation better weapon. Thanks, reward: rep!
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    Transcript Final Battle Yalahar!

    Hi, i searched for the transcript on Yalahar when you finished the final battle. What does he say? I would really appricate it!
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    Poison Tile

    Hi, i want when a player step in a tile they get poisoned. The poison start 50 and going down. I want to be able to configure how long is it poison and how many times should it hit the player. Thanks Rep!
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    Dedicate Server Company! & Real-Map Req?

    Hello everyone, i wonder which dedicate company should i use? Hetzner or Server4You! (Linux/Debian)Also is it enough with this to host real map? also how many players? Map 95MB: Server Details &ndash; SERVER4YOU Thanks for the answer!