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  1. Alw

    Delvine - Development Thread

    Delvine is the feeling of killing your first dragon, once again, or that's at least what we are aiming for. As a player, I've been playing several Open-Tibia servers ranging from version 7.1 to 12.6 and real tibia since 2003. Even though I've enjoyed my journey through all the ups and downs, I...
  2. Alw

    Graphic Designer OTC - Classic UI (Mehah)

    Greetings, I'm currently looking for someone who could change the UI for Mehah client to look like the screenshot provided. For further conversation please PM. Regards Alw Still looking.
  3. Alw

    Graphic Designer (Sprite) Addons for 7.4

    Greetings, I'm currently looking for someone willing to create addons for the original 7.4 outfits. There isn't any preference for how they should look except that they should keep the retro look. What I offer: Payment either for the batch of addons or per outfit. Price is per agreement. If...
  4. Alw

    Graphic Designer Otclient - 8.0 style paid

    Hello! I’m currently looking for someone that could create style files for OtClient to make it look identical/similar to Tibia 8.0. It’s a paid job and the price will be discussed beforehand. Please respond to this thread or send a private message. Regards alw
  5. Alw

    TFS 1.X+ 8.0 - 8.6 What to pic?

    Question: Is there any fork of TFS 1.x that's downgraded to be compatible with any version in the range 8.0 - 8.6? PS: I've been searching and found quite a few...Quite hesitant to actually just download random source code from GitHub and compile it. Extremely grateful for any replies, regards Alw
  6. Alw

    Would you play on a revamped Your ots map? - Poll

    Do you remember this map? I bet, you all do. Probably one of the oldest and recognized map in OT history. But sadly, the RL-servers are popular today. I'm planning to create a server, and my thoughts right now is to revamp the map completely, givin' it a new style and a beautiful environment...
  7. Alw

    Scripter Freelancing: Lua scripts

    Information Experience: I've been working with Otservers for the past 5 years. During these 5 years I've spent most of my time creating lua scripts. What I can offer: Lua scripts, everything from simple script to whole systems. Price: The price will be discussed before i start creating it. Then...
  8. Alw

    Lua setMaster() TFS 1.2 (SOLVED)

    Hi. I'm making a summon spell, but the player dosn't get set as master. When a GM summons the monster the GM get set as master but on regular players it dosn't work. local summonName = "Monk" function onCastSpell(cid, var) local player = Player(cid) if player == nil then...
  9. Alw

    MoveEvent Level Requirement(Teleports,Floors) TFS(1.0)

    Hello, this is a very simple script which I'm going to release. How does this script work and what does it do? This script is used as a level-door but for teleports and tiles. If the player doesn't have the required level or are higher he will be sent back to the position he was before he tried...
  10. Alw

    Tfs 1.0 onKill error.

    Hi, I'm currently scripting a killcounter for a task. I'm using tfs 1.0 if that wasn't clear hehe.. Well the problem is that i get this error. Attempt to index local 'target' <a number value> Well i really don't know what to do. Here is where i use target. function onKill(creature, target)...
  11. Alw

    Lua stopEvent Help

    Okay so my problem is that the event (cleanWholeArea) dosn't get stopped. Could anyone tell me how to fix this? local Tasks = { [1] = { BossName = "The Old Widow", }, [2] = { BossName = "Hellspawn", }, } function...