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  1. dutchie1

    Can you people please stop hosting garbage highrate 7.4/7.72 servers?

    All I've seen lately is garbage 7.4/7.72 servers. All of them are failures. The only 2 hosters that are capable of hosting a proper server are; Ryan and the guy from DarkOT (even though its kinda orsha, still good population). All the other servers are just straight up garbage, like honestly...
  2. dutchie1

    Can anyone host a..

    Proper 7.4 - 7.72 server Highrate Functional anti-bot client Mature and fair staff Without overpowered donations just (Access to djinns, rashid and a golden account). No lags and a 100% prevent vs. DDoS attacks. I just hope there anyone capable of doing this because I honestly lack the time and...