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  1. josejunior23

    TFS 1.X+ !bless talkaction doesn't work

    try this one; https://otland.net/threads/bless-with-real-price-s.228694/post-2388583
  2. josejunior23

    RevScripts Game.createItem

    EventX = { teleports = { Position(32364, 32232, 7), Position(32364, 32232, 7), Position(32364, 32232, 7), }, teleportActionId = 41391 } local ITEM_TELEPORT = 1387 function EventX:open() for i = 1, #self.teleports do ITEM =...
  3. josejunior23

    Lua TFS 1.3: Object that when used, gives several items as reward with a random chance

    local items = { [5808] = { -- Orshabaals brain {id = 2160, count = 5, chance = 100}, --Crystal Coin {id = 2400, count = 1, chance = 60}, -- Magic Sword {id = 2472, count = 1, chance = 40}, -- Magic Plate Armor {id = 2522, count = 5, chance = 20}, -- Great...
  4. josejunior23

    The Real History about @ezzz Being a Thief

    I had 1.5k computers myself and karma got me good. but that was 10 years+ ago, karma will get them as well...just watch...it never fails!
  5. josejunior23

    Catalysium - Development Thread

    Nice one Printer! I had a similar idea back in time with the "pets" but tibia has evolved a lot which really helps! I would def love to play it! btw I have a lot of poke codes that can help so in case you need something let me know :)
  6. josejunior23

    The Real History about @ezzz Being a Thief

    damn,you guys keep destroying otland. you all should be banned just for behaving like kids all the time.
  7. josejunior23

    [MODULE] Account/Character registration through the client.

    I'm not more experienced than you, but I do confirm that it is possible as I've done it myself. I do not confirm it's 100% safe tho! <3
  8. josejunior23

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    best way is using your tool my dear <3
  9. josejunior23

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    in otcv8 there's a folder called lua_functions, inside you will find 2 files with all the lua functions. for the OTUI you will have to figure out the logic, but it's very simple to be honest. I will PM you a system I made, with that you will be able to understand it and create anything.
  10. josejunior23

    Scripter LUA + OTC Modules/Interfaces (TFS 1.2/OTC/OTCV8)

    Bump! I have the next 6 days off so looking for some work!
  11. josejunior23

    Any good OTC OTUI explanations?

    there's no tutorial but its pretty easy. i learned that thing in like 2-3 hours and made a system with 5k+ lines in the same day. just follow the logic, if you need functions check the sourre code for the functions list. its almost like CSS! good luck
  12. josejunior23

    Buttons SKILLS VIP

    are you looking for the files? if so here it is:
  13. josejunior23

    TFS 0.X talkaction to show the date you can do the quest again

    you dont need continue there, you can just use the function doShowTextDialog(cid, 2175, final) and do a break. all after the "final" string. example: final = final .. "[" .. storage.name .. "]: " .. str .. "\n\n" doShowTextDialog(cid, 2175, final) break @edit i didnt see your...
  14. josejunior23

    Lua TFS 1.2 Is there any Kill Task system out here in otland?

    I'm doing a task system with otc modules which includes repeat option for my nontibia server so i will post it here in a day or two.
  15. josejunior23

    Webdesign [Showoff] Greed Layout

    You've improved a lot in my eyes. You do love skulls dont you? :)
  16. josejunior23

    If player has item X in ammo slot

    local slot = player:getSlotItem(CONST_SLOT_AMMO)
  17. josejunior23

    My Scripts & Source edits

    One thing that amazes me in this guy is the fact that even after getting banned so many times, he always created a new account and come back to post more features to the community. he truly loved to code for open tibia scenario. I wasn't around that time as i was living the most crazy time of my...
  18. josejunior23

    Lua Change map for war server TFS 0.4

    I did not post the trick behind as i expect you to figure it out, but trust me its very easy to use the second version to be 100% as you want and also send the info to website. anyway, as you asked here: How get order from website with: MAPCHANGER_neworder = {} ? solution: the output of that...
  19. josejunior23

    Lua Change map for war server TFS 0.4

    thats my bad, you can use: function shuffle(tbl) for i = #tbl, 2, -1 do local j = math.random(i) tbl[i], tbl[j] = tbl[j], tbl[i] end return tbl end and do like this: local MAPCHANGER_towns = { ['thais'] = {id = 1}, ['venore'] = {id = 2}, ['carlin'] = {id = 3}...