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  1. Itutorial

    Host a server

    Careful who you talk too. That is way more than enough for a tibia server :D
  2. Itutorial

    felipe93 is thief BECARFUL

    Was this an insult or just stating a fact?
  3. Itutorial

    Some thoughts on the community openness direction

    Honestly this community, other than maybe the contributors to TFS right now, shouldn't get anything ever. I don't have time to work on TFS but when I do find a little time to squeeze something out it is just met with people, who can fix the code, just shit posting about everything wrong with it...
  4. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ Promotion is not being added to player in spite npcs recognize this player as promoted

    You probably removed the code in login.lua that resets premium status.
  5. Itutorial

    AI tools in programming, cool addition even for Open Tibia?

    You know TFS is messed up when the AI doesn't even know which code to use lmao
  6. Itutorial

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    I am currently in university for software engineering. When I have more time I will go back through this code and all the code it effects to update it. There are a lot of things that need to be re-made/factored. Like removing extra code for pathfinding that is no longer needed or giving values...
  7. Itutorial

    AAC Editing website (MyAcc)

    It depends on your browser. Sometimes you will sometimes you wont. If you are using google (and I think some others possibly) you can use control + f5 to clear it.
  8. Itutorial

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    Is this a problem more people have? I don't have much time right now but if this is an actual problem I will try to look into it.
  9. Itutorial

    Transfer Characters MYSQL

    First you should save the database by exporting it. Then just change the accountid.
  10. Itutorial

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    Yes, I would not use that solution if you are planning to implement my changes. Instead implement both: Update pathfinding call Update pathfinding system The final results showed that my system is 10x faster on the lowest ends (most complex paths) and up to 100x faster in 90%+ of cases. The...
  11. Itutorial

    New support - Ditto!

    It's not that serious. Otservlist is fine. If you expected xinn to hire a building full of people to handle the site that's your bad. Expecting HR and public communications experts from a site that shows tibia servers. Jesus.
  12. Itutorial

    tibia led to murder

    I was thinking that and also that its probably all bs 1665411248 bro would piss himself in the situation
  13. Itutorial

    New: What song are you listening to thread

    You need jesus in your life.
  14. Itutorial

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    Yeah, I found this same problem while doing some testing. I haven't posted the fix for it yet because I am still testing. You should be able to change this to fix it: map.cpp // We are at the target and don't need to walk away. No need to update path. if (!fpp.keepDistance &&...
  15. Itutorial

    Monster type files

    Calm down lmao. Not that serious.
  16. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ TFS crash

    This is a rough one. So I used TFS 1.4.2 and added any commits that would work for tibia 10.98 from the 1.5+ TFS commits. After I added everything I was able to start the server and I was working on figuring out a problem with the map being drawn correctly in the client. I woke up this morning...
  17. Itutorial

    Monster type files

    They used to be separated in additional folders. All the monsters weren't in one place. I will say it probably makes creating code that reads monsters a lot easier to write for a website or w/e but IMO having them structured would be better. Mainly because we can use tibia wiki for monsters and...
  18. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ Magic Shield (Utamo Vita) - Double DMG?

    It was probably this part if secondaryDamage > 0 then secondaryDamage = 0 end You were setting it to 0 even if secondaryType wasn't set which could cause a problem. Im not completely sure but I figured it was something like that. So just added a check to see if its even...
  19. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ Magic Shield (Utamo Vita) - Double DMG?

    I don't really see a problem. Try using this.. function onHealthChange(creature, attacker, primaryDamage, primaryType, secondaryDamage, secondaryType, origin) if not attacker or not creature then return primaryDamage, primaryType, secondaryDamage, secondaryType end if...
  20. Itutorial

    TFS 1.X+ Magic Shield (Utamo Vita) - Double DMG?

    Check for any codes with healthChange also... function onManaChange(creature, attacker, primaryDamage, primaryType, secondaryDamage, secondaryType, origin) if (not attacker or not creature) then return primaryDamage, primaryType, secondaryDamage, secondaryType end if...