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  1. gremlee

    Open new server need scripters and mappers.

    Hello thinking of starting new server 8.6. any intrested? pm me
  2. gremlee

    Team Searthing team/job PAYING.

    Qumora! Qumora.com - Edited Evolutions - Low EXP [8.6] We're currently recruiting: 1- Web Designer (0/1) 2- Balancer (0/2) 3- Lua scripter (0/1) 4- Mapper (0/2) 5- Web developers(PHP&SQL) (0/1) Hello searching for a really good team that will work with me on my server to make it best. Make...
  3. gremlee

    Programmer Web Developer searching new duties

  4. gremlee

    [France] Qumora | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Free points | Unique Events | Opening 28/2 18:00 CET

    I am very busy atm, Studding and moving to other city..
  5. gremlee

    znote players online problem

    If its they are offline and its says they are online it will be banned. Should try another tfs.
  6. gremlee

    Otservlist problem, may also be tfs.

  7. gremlee

    Otservlist problem, may also be tfs.

    Hello ive been talking to otservlist got this email from them. This is the XML which is being returned by your server, from which otservlist is getting the number of players. Now it returns that you have -46208 players online (which obviously can't be true) and this is the reason why your...
  8. gremlee

    Otservlist problem.

    Haha okey thanks for the info.
  9. gremlee

    Otservlist problem.

    Hello i have my server qumora.com its online and everything running smooth but when i go otservlist.org it doesnt show online never had this problem before. I tryed to restart the server changed the statustimeout on config dident work any ideas? I havent changed anything either :S
  10. gremlee

    Windows Paypal!

    Searth for script on otland ? not good at gesior i use myself znote easier i think :D
  11. gremlee

    Windows Paypal!

    How ? what is the problem
  12. gremlee

    [France] Qumora | Custom-Evo | 8.6 | Free points | Unique Events | Opening 28/2 18:00 CET

    Ideed but he was abusing his CM so i demoted him and he removed him self. I know it sad realy liked him.