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    Tibia 12.91 Otserver

    I had tried here and there, inside and outside the internet, on discord, on youtube, and nothing.. i had lost allmy hopes and the winter update is just 1 month closer. I was looking for a Znote, Gesior, CanaryAAC or any kind of working webpage for 12.91, but Google sent me right.here... I GIVE...
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    RME different server items.otb file.

    thanks... a lot
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    Request maps you need here!

    thanks my buddy... Maybe I have to convert it to ClientID for Canary, but it's nothing to worry about for now. At least, I will keep this map on an External drive. :D
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    RevScripts [npc] converter for canary

    DAMMIT... Isn't there any kind of NPC CONVERTER from XML to LUA for Canary???? There's only a monster converter... and it's NOT for NPC... Just for monsters and bosses... >:V
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    [10.98] - Leo9393's Public Maps

    It's good having these custom contents, I hated those ripoffs of Baiak and copypasted RL Maps that all of them are the same but in different versions... I had saw today for 101st time another RL Map V7.7 100% ripped recently. Anyway. Having Canary 12.90... and plenty of RL maps from previous or...
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    change map 12 85 to 12 86

    thanks... it took me hell to find a thing I was looking for to fix my maps on 12.85/12.86.
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    OTClient convert client id map to server id

    I'm interested in that program too... please post any results dammit... I am getting nervous and the original map converter from Canary is gone from Github (Error 404)
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    RME different server items.otb file.

    bumping, sorry... but converter is gone... error 404... cannot find it... Pls reupload it or put it here.
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    OpenTibia ClientID items.otb

    thanks for the lua converter, my buddy. becuz I lost the chance to download the program, since that was gone from the link of Github. Idk if it will stay like that forever. and I hope to convert EVERY map to Client ID for my canarý server.
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    RME different server items.otb file.

    not found... I was looking for this tool for my OTserver map... and I cannot becuz I don't find it... please reupload the link again. I only have the RME from the repo.
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    Blackfun Worldmap [10.98]

    Thanks a lot... Its good to see another custom map instead of those baiak/rl ripoffs. Its like nobody cares about sharing custom content nowadays... and with Canary ClientID problems... I need some time and help before making my own custom map and sharing it someday for newer versions. And my...
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    Hive Hunt Free [12x]

    Good, it only needs some insectoid monsters... but I'll make the spawns on my server. Thanks a lot, I needed more custom maps and I'm too lazy and nOOb at mapping to make one by myself. LMAO
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    [8.6] Default/First Baiak map

    okay, I apreciate your effort on uploading this map. I hope to see more custom tibia maps in the future.
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    [12.85] 25th Anniversary Tibia! Event Map.

    NICE... The 25 year event I lost, including the time travel and Lord retro access. Thanks a lot buddy. :D
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    [12.80] - Forge Map

    Awesome... another new map for a new version of tibia client... it's just a matter of time to have the newly updated otserver+client for the new protocols. I'll wait for updates.
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    [8.60] BudexOT map [partial]

    I am glad that there's still people who kindly shares OT-server exclusive content such as "this map". although the reasons behind this were just to punish the scummiest of all admins in the internet. Honestly, this is one of the several things I need the most, (More custom OT-server content)...
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    Do not use/buy OTC V8

    ok. at first, I thought OTClient was an improved OTserver distribution project like TFS, but after seeing the stuff and analyzing, I found out it was an unoficial tibia client that uses vanilla client protocols, can login on ANY OTserver using IP/port and it supports mobile devices. to be...
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    OpenTibia Assets Editor

    Ok. solved it. I had created the new Looktype. (Since I Use 12.51 assets, the newly added outfit/Looktype is numbered 1340) so I mustn't use 0 as value. thanks for the tidbit. The only thing I Must try to test is how the new Looktype works in my ot and if it works. EDIT: it doesn't crash when...
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    OpenTibia Assets Editor

    Everytime I attempt to make a new outfit, the program crashes itself. Even on latest version. I wanted to make a looktype for a custom monster and the settings were just. 1 frame on first group animation (For Idle), 2 frames (For walking) 1layer, 32x 32y 0z for patterns. and I cannot find...
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    OpenTibia Assets Editor

    WOW... It has to be... \assets\.... okay... I did it... sorry... my bad. and just in case you didn't noticed... I really have both SPR and DAT... just a modified 10.98-99 with stuff from Client 12.51 sadly, I didn't knew why those couldn't be read with the Assets editor.