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    Loot Channel Help

    Change player:sendTextMessage("", text, TALKTYPE_CHANNEL_O, 9) to player:sendChannelMessage("", text, TALKTYPE_CHANNEL_O, 9)
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    TFS 0.X OTX2 not Starting

    Hello OtLanders, I am useing OTX2_8 and everything went well, I could compile it start it everything was fine I put the server on a Dedicated Windows2022 server and the server won´t start anymore it got me the error MSG I have installed all req edistributable package´s but it stil gets me the...
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    Lua Damage and Loot Log

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    Lua Damage and Loot Log

    Its working, on the 8.6 branch of this Engine, is there any possibility that I could work also for 7.72? Because if I use this on the 7.72 branch its say´s in OTClient that this is an unknown message type.
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    Lua Damage and Loot Log

    Hello Otlanders, I have a question if someone could help me to add a Loot Channel and a Damage Log for TFS 1.5 , I am useing this engine. I have already tryed this one here but this does not work, the monster is dieing but does not generate loot until I refresh my screen. Damage Log is not that...
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    Lua [Solved] [TFS 1.5] Atk while walking

    Omg Thanks.... I should have read the config more carefuly.
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    Lua [Solved] [TFS 1.5] Atk while walking

    Hello OT-Landers, I am useing TFS-1.5-Downgrades by Nekiro for 7.72 and I am struggeling to change that players can atk while they are walking, I have already tryed to change timeBetweenActions = 0 timeBetweenExActions = 0 in config.lua but it doesn´t affect the atking. Now I have no clue...
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    RevScripts ❤ ℱ𝓇𝑒𝑒 𝒮𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓅𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒮𝑒𝓇𝓋𝒾𝒸𝑒 𝒯ℱ𝒮 𝟷.𝟻+ ❤

    Hello Sarah Wesker, I would like to request a Skill stage script, Vocation based. For an Example: Sorc below Magic Level 20 gains 10x Multiplier and over 20 gains 8x Multiplier Same for Dist/Club/Axe/Fist, Fishing isnt that important If its possible would be nice to have if its not possible in...
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    Lua [TFS 1.4] Spell Area use

    Hello Otlanders, I am useing this TFS version and I have a Question and a Request. My Question is, is it possible to use the Spell areas from the data/spells/lib/spells.lua directly in monsters or do I have to create a Spell with the Area to use it inside the Monster. I am asking because I am...
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    [TFS 1.4] Small Upgrade System (allowed wand and rods)

    Hey, first of all nice script its very usefull. I had some problems with the application of the wand damge but I have solved it. Now I have a new problem comming up, the script upgrades each skill perfectly but not the magic level, I am useing the latest TFS 1.4 Version and your newest script.
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    OTX loot multiplier

    Hello, I am useing OTX Server 2 Series with [TFS 1.3] Monster Levels and I am looking for someone who could help me adding a LootMultiplier into my source which scales with monster levels. An Experience multiplier I have already added for the levels and I despair at the lootMultiplier. I have...
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    Monster Level Problem

    Hello, Maybe someone here have a solution how to solve my problem with the monster level feature. I am useing OTX2.9 with THIS monster level feature. Everything works fine except one thing. I am not able to use getCreatureName(target) anymore. It still returns a name but its like "Deer...
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    [France] - Materia RPG 8.6 - Back in Business

    I am looking forward to start playing your ots. I am also playing the beta and its greate waiting for start OTS :) See you ingamge :)
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    [Germany] Phiadaria - Rise of the Ancestors (RPG) | Custom

    Hey hepi, I love your server its pretty awesome with the all the new systems I also like it to expolre soo much on your map I hope I get high level to see the a boss fight in real on the pic it looks really nice See you in game :)