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  1. Kresh170

    [U.K] [7.4X] [Competitibia] [STARTING TODAY] [03/02/2023] [Custom Real-Map] [Season 1] [Resets x Weeks]

    Too bad the date is this week. Should have released the date in advane. Maybe next time!
  2. Kresh170

    [7.4, 7.8, 7.92, 8.0] Sabrehaven.com based on Nostalrius 7.7 fork

    The community thanks you 🥰
  3. Kresh170

    [USA][7.72] Zenith | Launches July 16th 2022 @ 11:00 AM EST

    This is the best Tibia server i have ever played. You can enjoy this server as a duo
  4. Kresh170

    [POLAND] akademicki 7.6 - IS BACK AND ONLINE

    I dont understand why there are servers with no english options lol
  5. Kresh170

    [France] [7.4] [Inferna] [High EXP] [Custom RealMap] [PVP-Enforced] Start: 27-12-2022 18.00 CEST🎅

    Finally a server for casual players. I will join! Holla at me if anyone has a team i could join :D
  6. Kresh170

    [USA] [10.10] Lonely Island [CUSTOM] - [Real Map]

    Yeah you will get like 0 players with that info. Come on, some pictures maybe? What can this server offer that is different?
  7. Kresh170

    [Poland][8.00] Rafidea

    You should really make it more easy to play your server. Im a noob and i couldn't find my tibia map to change the files so now i wont try out your server. Too bad since it looked intresting.
  8. Kresh170

    [USA] [8.60] WIKI-OTS | 100% CUSTOM MAP | HIGHEXP

    100% costum and this guy has like no more info about the map lol
  9. Kresh170

    [France] [7.72] Shadow-illusion | 29 September 18:00 CEST

    All trainers are taken by random bots. Thats just greedy, he wants you to buy premium so you can skill.
  10. Kresh170

    [POLAND] [7.6] YurOTS | [19 August 2022 18:00 CET] | NO SMS SHOP | The Classic RPG | CUSTOM CLIENT

    laggy server with 18 ping unfortunately, fun map tho
  11. Kresh170

    [USA][7.72] Zenith | Launches July 16th 2022 @ 11:00 AM EST

    Super fun server that feels fresh and new, im have already played for some hours and i surely will continue to do so :D
  12. Kresh170

    [USA][7.72] Zenith | Launches July 16th 2022 @ 11:00 AM EST

    This server has a lot of potential. I will be logged in!
  13. Kresh170

    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Riveria! [May 27th, Friday at 18:00 CET] | Many updates | Long-term conditions!

    I agree with the people who says that its too low considering that its almost summer time. Maybe make it easier to lvl up to lvl 30 at least? then it can be slow.
  14. Kresh170

    [JAPAN] [7.6] PEORA - SINCE JULY 2018

    This seems fun, any plans on sharing this to the european players?
  15. Kresh170

    From Windows 10 to OTS development machine for dummies

    Has anything changes since you posted this? if so what?
  16. Kresh170

    YurOts in 2021?

    Tell me if you need a tester! Also does this server have a discord?